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Jewish Proverb: The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten.

What about the notion of cultural decline? The former suggests that the times have changed, and that old formations no longer have their past dominant functions. Is there a vantage point where one could assert that, say, a Picasso is better than a Kara Walker?

I mean, what kind of criteria would we be applying here? The standards are being set by the old standard — of dead white men, not coincidentally — and so the judgement is already stacked against the newcomer, who just happens to be a living African American woman. New York-based contemporary artist, Kara Walker.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Are flagship phones truly dead??

Image credit: www. The aim should be to better understand both.

Final point: art school and the art market. And then there are artists like Zarina Bhimji , whose films are sometimes described as more like paintings than films; for example, her Yellow Patch which, by the way, was exhibited at NTU CCA Singapore at their inaugural exhibition in , Paradise Lost. It must be difficult. We live, arguably, in an age where the competition for attention is greater than ever before. The statement could also be phrased as follows: one can only make it as an artist today if one knows how to schmooze with curators and other artworld personalities; or, if one has social media savvy; or, if one is plain lucky … and so on.

Lastly, a remark about the art market.

“How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?”

A generation ago, if you were a contemporary artist, you could be considered successful even if you had little to no art market presence. The report centred on a letter written by four pathologists claiming dead bodies had been left on trolleys, partially decomposing, due to issues with the facility at the hospital. It also warned of health risks to bereaved families and the wider public. Management at UHW are awaiting approval for capital funding. Fianna Fail TD Mary Butler also expressed her shock and disgust at the reports and called on the Minister for Health to make a statement on the matter.

The issues raised by the pathologists highlight the ongoing failures by the HSE to manage concerns, many of which have been raised time and time again.

'Truly shocking' - Waterford TDs react to dead bodies scandal at UHW

Despite being given the green light in , the project has not been progressed any further," Butler added. That fell to a low of 18 by , following a crisis of confidence in small banks. But the long hiatus since is over Intellidex is a leading research and consulting firm that specialises in capital markets and financial services in Africa.

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Truly Dead Truly Dead
Truly Dead Truly Dead
Truly Dead Truly Dead
Truly Dead Truly Dead
Truly Dead Truly Dead
Truly Dead Truly Dead
Truly Dead Truly Dead
Truly Dead Truly Dead

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