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In her doctoral thesis she investigated the influence of constitutional courts on democratic elections in Madagascar and Senegal. Stable democracies are the smallest group among the sub-Saharan African states; autocracies comprise a demonstrably larger group. But the majority of countries are located in the grey zone between these two poles. These regimes are characterised by a coexistence of formally democratic elections and severe constraints on the political opposition. Periodic electoral turnovers are essential for democracy. Nevertheless, incumbents are still more likely to win elections.

Organisations critical of governments are facing increasing restrictions. However, they have been able to sidestep some of this pressure by switching to less organised forms of action. Accordingly, the number of participants at mass demonstrations has quadrupled since Policy Implications Even authoritarian regimes hold elections — to boost their democratic credentials. Nichtsdestotrotz lassen sich nach Nic Cheeseman grob drei Gruppen unterscheiden: Die erste Gruppe umfasst stabile Demokratien.

Machtwechsel … durch Wahlen ohne Wahlen, aber friedlich ohne Wahlen und gewaltsam 13 6 11 12 10 13 13 8 5 18 10 6 15 9 5 14 0 0. Footnotes Grundlage der Berechnung sind die 54 Staaten des gesamten afrikanischen Kontinents inklusive der Maghreb-Staaten. November Goemans, Henk E. Haggard, Stephan, und Robert R. International Center for Non-Profit Law , www. Lindberg, Staffan I. Plea to extend internet facilities The New Nation Foreign experts at a session titled 'Internet Governance and Telecom Regulation' urged the government, civil society and the business community to work together to provide Internet facilities to every person of the country.

The proper growth of Internet also ensures good governance, they said. The dramatic advancement of ICT has transformed the world into a 'global village' and no country can survive keeping itself distanced from this modern trend, they said at the workshop titled 'Building an information society: Road 2 Tunis'. Preserving the Web of the free International Herals Tribune There is a move afoot at the United Nations and in the European Union to get the United States to give up control of the Internet - a medium that America created and on which it now critically relies.

Tanto el gobernante Partido Republicano, con el presidente George W.


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The idea behind the summit is to bridge the gap between rich and poor countries in a field that has proven to be one of the focal points of present and future progress. Tunisia, however, excels neither in informatics and related fields nor in allowing freedom of expression and respecting the rights of civil society.

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Disingenuously calling for a "model of cooperation" in Internet governance in advance of the World Summit on the Information Society to be held in Tunisia in November, the European commissioner for information society and media is opening the door to Internet regulation while saying that "we have no intention to regulate the Internet. More lawmakers back U. House of Representatives called on Friday for the Internet's core infrastructure to remain under U.

The resolution, introduced by two Republicans and one Democrat, aims to line up Congress firmly behind the Bush administration as it heads for a showdown with much of the rest of the world over control of the global computer network. Lawmakers urge U. Nominet votes for Argentinian solution to net ownership The Register In an historically unusual decision, the company running all.

In an official statement, Nominet's legal and policy director Emily Taylor said the company preferred Argentina's proposal over the other seven on the table - including one by the EU and put forward by the UK government. I2IT to help connect Africa with wireless internet Pune newsline Next year, when the International Telecommunication Union ITU carries out a landmark project to connect interior Africa with a lightning fast wireless internet connection, a team from the city-based International Institute of Information Technology I2IT will be in the centre of action.

UK registry warns on political web dogma Times online Nominet, the British internet registry that controls ". The warning comes ahead of a key international conference in Tunisia next month, where countries will discuss the future "ownership" of the web. Washington lawmakers demand Internet status quo Computerworld Lawmakers in Washington are speaking out against efforts by several countries participating in United Nations-sponsored talks to force the U. The most recent critic is Sen.

Norm Coleman R-Minn. Earlier this week, Coleman submitted a resolution aimed at protecting control of the Internet, in particular the domain name and addressing system, from being transferred to the UN. The mother of all battles Irish Independent The internet is now part of the furniture of daily lives but the rest of the world wonders why it should remain under the oversight of the tight-fisted US. A new war front is about to open Und wir behalten sie auch! Nominet said it would prefer a system which did not over-regulate the net. The issue of who controls the backbone of the net, such as domains and traffic routing, will be debated at a United Nations summit in Tunisia next month.

House of Representatives said this week that the United States should resist international pressure to give up authority over key Internet functions amid a mounting feud over the issue. In a letter to Commerce and State Department officials, the lawmakers said the Bush administration should retain strong oversight over the Internet domain name system, specifically the root servers that guide traffic to huge databases containing addresses for all the top-level domains, such as.

Keep the Net in U. Canada, which has thus far stayed above the fray in order to try to broker a deal, must not make the same mistake. Canada has thus far played its traditional role as honest broker at meetings of the World Summit on the Information Society, a body sponsored by the United Nations.

Lawrence Lessig: The "Dinosaurs" Are Taking Over Businessweek If the media giants have their way, the Net freedom fighter says, content will be rigidly controlled and innovation stifled. Who should control the Internet? If Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig is right, the Internet will soon belong to Hollywood studios, record labels, and cable operators -- corporate giants that he says are trying to cordon off chunks of the once-open data network. Just wait it out and hope your arguments win.

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The EU was succinct in saying that no single country should have final authority over the Internet, which is considered now to be a global resource. Mauvais point pour le. L'Icann n'y est pour rien. Chima Onyekwere has said net should be administered fairly. Responding to THISDAY's questions on the issue, Onyekwere who founded the Nigeria's pioneer Internet Service Provider, Linkserve, said the controversy surrounding the governance of the Internet has been a long-standing one, and it does not appear a if there is any immediate solution to resolving the problem.

Judicial sources said the adjournment was at the instance of the defence counsel. EU says internet could fall apart The Guardian A battle has erupted over who governs the internet, with America demanding to maintain a key role in the network it helped create and other countries demanding more control. The European commission is warning that if a deal cannot be reached at a meeting in Tunisia next month the internet will split apart.

It is seen as arrogant and determined to remain the sheriff of the world wide web, regardless of whatever the rest of the world may think. It has even lost the support of the European Union. It stands alone as the divisive battle over who runs the internet heads for a showdown at a key UN summit in Tunisia next month. Who's proposing what The Guardian The United Nations has warned that America cannot continue its closed administration of the internet - but all sides are putting forward different solutions.

Argentina's proposal calls for an "evolutionary process" with governments, industry and civil society participating in the debate in "a co-ordinated and balanced manner". Time to change control The Guardian Who should run the internet? Until recently it was an academic question. After all, the United States - thanks to public money and later on private entrepreneurialism - had been the midwife of the net in the s and had assumed de facto maternal control. But this divine right is now being challenged.

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Last week the EU proposed new global institutions, possibly under UN control, to replace existing organisations such as Icann which controls the issuing of domain names such as ". May Face World at Internet Governance Summit Washington Post Next month, world diplomats will travel to Tunisia to tackle a topic so dense that it normally clears a room in seconds: how the Internet is governed Against the wishes of almost all other governments, Washington wants to maintain the current system of domain names administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN , a private sector, non-profit body that is linked to the U.

Keep the Internet free International Herald Tribune Beyond the headlines, a critically important battle for control of the Internet is being played out. On the one side is the United States, which wants to retain supervision of the Internet and has managed to get the reluctant support of most of the global Internet community, which sees America as the least bad of the possible ultimate guardians of the system.

His wife, Wahida Jebali, has not been allowed to see him for the past two weeks. He has been in prison since In a letter to administration officials, Rep. Joe Barton R-Tex. Before now, the biggest optimism of many developing countries to which African nations belong was that there would at least be some cosmetic changes that would guarantee them a say in the way the Internet is run. They did not expect the radical boost they got last week.

The question remains, however, whether U. The United States has clashed with the European Union and much of the rest of the world over the future of the Internet. US grip on the Internet challenged Asia Times Online A high-stakes battle is raging over who should control the Internet, the world's most powerful communication tool that has arguably become an important vehicle of globalization. Not the Americans, is the message from the rest of the world.

Last week, high-level talks in Geneva failed to resolve the dispute as the European Union broke ranks with the US government and joined Brazil, China and Iran in demanding an end to America's supervision of the Internet. Gulliver's travails The Economist The battle to control the internet: Since the internet was created in the s as a military-research project, America has co-ordinated the underlying infrastructure.

A growing number of governments are asking this apparently reasonable question. At a diplomatic meeting last week in Geneva, the European Union unexpectedly dropped its support for the current arrangement, and sided with America's critics see article. America could now find itself isolated as negotiations over future regulation of the internet continue. At last, according to the European press, pressure from the United Nations and others would result in the American government's loss of control over the Internet.

The only problem is that our government does not actually control the Internet. Still, the United Nations may attempt to seize control of it - the world body's motivation is empire-building. One Laptop Per Child The Independent The laptop will be tough and foldable in different ways, with a hand crank for when there is no power supply. Professor Negroponte came up with the idea for a cheap computer for all after visiting a Cambodian village.

His non-profit One Laptop Per Child group plans to have up to 15 million machines in production within a year. The future of the Internet will now supposedly be decided at a meeting to be held in the Tunisian capital immediately prior to the Summit itself, which is taking place Nov. Trouble Ahead The New York Sun The savants at Turtle Bay believe the United Nations operates with such admirable efficiency and absence of corruption that the international confabulation should take over control of the Internet.

The global body's effort to commandeer the Internet is likely to progress at a November meeting in Tunis, the next gathering of the World Summit on the Information Society. Tunis brands critical press group report as biased Reuters Tunisia, which hosts a world information summit in November, on Wednesday described as biased and inaccurate a report that accused it of restricting the press and harassing journalists.

Responding to the report by the Tunisian Monitoring Group, which brings together 14 media non-governmental organisations NGOs , the government said Tunisia had a "free and pluralistic" press and that there was no media censorship. The world loves America but resists its power Daily Star Lebanon I think I understand the subtleties, complexities and opportunities of our world just a little bit better this week, having participated here in Geneva in an international preparatory meeting for the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS , to be held in Tunis in November, while speaking with a range of European colleagues and also reading two important articles in Foreign Affairs magazine related to the United States' posture in the world.

Press group wants pressure on Tunis ahead of summit Reuters The international community must demand that Tunisia respect press freedom and stop harassing journalists, lawyers and dissidents in the run up to a world information summit there, a monitoring group said on Monday. In a report ahead of the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS in November, the group said the situation had deteriorated over the past few months, with the government seemingly bent on stifling dissent. Two years ago when the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS came to a close in Geneva, Switzerland, little did any one give Africa let alone Nigeria a chance to record much development in the use of ICT that impacted so much on the people before the second phase.

Shalom told reporters following separate meetings with Tunisian and Jordanian Foreign Ministers "I think we are making good progress in our relations with the Arab and Muslim countries. This is the best time for all of those countries to take a move to a better understanding with Israel. This week saw the launch of MIT's Nicholas Negroponte's USD laptop which makes ambitious claims to becoming more "an education project" for school children than a cheap laptop for the masses.

Breaking America's grip on the net The Guardian, Taipei Times, The Hindu After troubled negotiations in Geneva, the US may be forced to relinquish control of the internet to a coalition of governments. You would expect an announcement that would forever change the face of the internet to be a grand affair - a big stage, spotlights, media scrums and a charismatic frontman working the crowd. But unless you knew where he was sitting, all you got was David Hendon's slightly apprehensive voice through a beige plastic earbox.

The words were calm, measured and unexciting, but their implications will be felt for generations to come. Internet Governance Meeting Appears Deadlocked Computerwire International governments are struggling to reach an agreement on whether to create a new body to govern the internet, as a UN meeting in Geneva draws to a close today. We think that's unacceptable. The laptop will be tough and foldable in different ways, with a hand crank for when there is no power supply. Earlier this week, a coalition of human rights groups known as the Tunisia Monitoring Group issued a report that declared Tunisia unfit to hold the World Summit on the Information Society, set for November, because of reports that the government has stepped up attacks on the press and civil society.

A lot of policy matters are behind it. Zhao, a director of the U. UN telecommunications agency says technology must be equitably shared DubaiPhotoMedia World leaders must pay more attention to the role that information and communication technologies ICTs can play in addressing many of the challenges of the 21st century and in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the head of the United Nations International Telecommunications Union ITU says. He called for an equitable and judicious use of Internet resources to pull the world out of massive poverty and deprivation.

Other countries share the view that it should be evolving. The so-called PrepCom3 was marked by accusations of press censorship in Tunisia and United States refusals to loosen its grip on managing the internet. However, delegates on Friday agreed to meet again three days before the summit on November But while the United States stuck to its position, other negotiators said there was a growing sense that a compromise had to be reached and that no single country ought to be the ultimate authority over such a vital part of the global economy.

Wrangling over who should essentially be the net police, managing domain names and net traffic routing fairly, has been going on for some time. But at a pre-Summit meeting this week, the US said it would resist the plans. The fund is meant to boost knowledge dissemination and sharing of experiences in the developing world. Tunisia told to guarantee freedom of expression Khaleej Times Online Western countries have called on Tunisia to guarantee freedom of expression and independent media access during the UN World Summit on the Information Society it will host next month, it emerged here yesterday.

IT gap looms over U. Key decisions on Internet issues, such as domain names and addresses, now reside in a private agency spun off from the U. But if countries do not believe their concerns are adequately heard by the Internet's key decision-makers, a U. Summit agrees that Web must grow - but who should pull the strings?

The Star "Geneva - A summit of world leaders focusing on expanding the Internet must reaffirm media freedoms and the right of ordinary people to stay informed. So says UN secretary-general Kofi Annan. It is one thing for governments to establish regulations governing the media, Annan said yesterday in remarks prepared for delivery at a parallel conference of broadcasters from around the world.

Geneva summit aims to bridge 'digital divide' Fiancial Times "With almost all the political hurdles swept aside in negotiations last weekend, the huge World Summit on the Information Society that opens in Geneva today will be clearly focused on its initial objective - boosting the use of information and communication technologies in the developing world. Governments from more than countries are expected to endorse a declaration of principles and a plan of action for increasing ICT use and access.

Only the issue of special finance to help poorer nations meet these goals remains unresolved ahead of the three-day United Nations summit. In addition, countries will reaffirm the principles of freedom of expression, media independence and pluralism, which China and some other members had sought to weaken. World Broadcasters present Annan with declaration pledging spread of information UN News "The world's leading radio and television broadcasters today conveyed to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan their commitment to such fundamental values as freedom of expression, access to information, media pluralism and cultural diversity.

Race against clock ahead of digital divide summit The Daily Star "Talks paving the way for a groundbreaking global summit on bridging the digital divide have made progress but an accord on the financing of measures to reduce the gap between rich and poor remains elusive, a negotiator said here. The countries taking part in the World Summit on the Information Society, opening here today, still disagree on a plan of action to be adopted by delegates, Marc Furrer, head of the Swiss Federal Office of Communication said.

Media Freedom in WSIS Proclamations All Africa "Following intense lobbying by media and civil society groups, the declaration to be presented to the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS has included more progressive clauses on freedom of expression and the role of the media in the information society. Media and human rights organisations had threatened to boycott the official declaration if it did not include their proposals to give media the freedom to play an active role in society without fear of harassment by governments. The WSIS is hosted under the auspices of the United Nations and convened to develop ways to address the information revolution.

Cash compromise for UN summit BBC News "Developing nations keen to use technology to bridge the digital divide are going to have to find the cash to pay for the hardware and software themselves. Negotiators at the UN summit on the digital divide have failed to agree to create a special fund that can be used to bankroll technology-related projects. Instead a compromise has been reached that will see African states pool resources but European, Japanese and Canadian governments have only agreed to study the idea. The compromised was hammered out during the final day of negotiations taking place before the UN summit officially starts on 10 December.

In remarks to the opening of the World Electronic Media Forum WEMF in Geneva, the Secretary-General noted the "power and paradox" facing the producers and consumers of electronic media in the information age. File sharing in West Africa P2P. Here, we call it p2p - peer-to-peer - file sharing. And it's working to help people in West Africa, as people attending the World Summit on the Information Society, due to open in Geneva tomorrow, will learn. Conference attendees will find out how staff and pupils in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Benin, Burkina-Faso and Niger, and to a lesser degree in Togo, Guinea and Mauritania, are using the Net as what amounts to a digital campus where resources are shared online.

Delegates make important progress in preparation for information society summit Cordis News "In the run up to the World Summit on the Information Society, which begins in Geneva on 10 December, negotiators from countries have resolved most of their disagreements over draft documents to be presented to Heads of State and Government at the event.

Following eleventh hour discussions, sticking points such as references to human rights, media freedom, intellectual property rights and Internet governance have been overcome. This is the single most important political event dedicated to the Information Society since the European Commission coined the phrase in the mid-Nineties.

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Heads of State and Government and senior ministers from around the world should agree a Declaration of Principles governing the global information society and a Plan of Action to guide countries in making it a reality. According to a Government Communications and Information Services announcement, the three-day summit is due to start on Wednesday and the minister will address an all-general debate on Thursday. The WSIS is a forum of all stakeholders in telecommunications, broadcasting, multimedia and information and communications technology ICT , to develop a better understanding of the impact of the convergence of such technologies on the international community.

En voici les plus marquantes. Financer des projets, c'est bien. Looking for ripples in the pond BBC News "When my daughter was about five she used to love parties, and would ask me constantly if we could invite some of her friends over for a small celebration: some cake, some crisps and a selection of party games. I occasionally gave in, because it was easier to host a party than to put up with her constant requests - she was very persistent, and was capable of putting a lot of energy into her campaign to persuade me.

Global network to link marginalized people Hindustan Times "A vast network that collects, shares and spreads information among marginalized people - which can even be life-saving - was launched in Geneva on Wednesday at the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS. Called the Open Knowledge Network OKN , it seeks to use flexible technical solutions to break down barriers of communication among marginalized communities. China to speed up IT developent People Daily "China pledged to spare no efforts to work together with other nations to accelerate the progress of the development of an information society.

Organized by the United Nations UN , the three-day conference aims to bring poorer nations into the so-called information age and drive up their economic development by boosting access to technology such as mobile phones and the Internet. It's also about making money from selling hardware, software and services. That partly explains the long and often heated debate over two particularly thorny issues: open software and intellectual property rights, or IPR. Opinions vary on why agreeing over the two issues was so difficult.

It depends, arguably, on what side of the fence you're on -- whether you believe software and other forms of content should be accessible to virtually everyone on the planet regardless of income or only to those able to pay for it. UN push for tech development 'risky' ABC News "The United Nations' push to transform the developing world into tech-ready nations could partly backfire, according to delegates at an IT summit aimed at bridging the "digital divide". The overwhelming consensus at the UN-sponsored World Summit on the Information Society WSIS summit this week is that bringing the Internet and telecoms innovations to the world's poor is a noble cause that needs embracing now.

The UN information summit Hi Pakistan "The UN information summit is alerting world leaders to the importance of the Internet and other forms of technology as a powerful economic tool and not just an area for IT experts, participants said on Thursday. This official event of the first-ever World Summit on the Information Society was the first contest in the history of mankind within the information society on a global scale.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister hoped that the establishment of a knowledge-based ICT society in Bangladesh and employing the newest forms of technology would bridge the fast- growing digital divide between the rich and poorer countries. India develops revolutionary teaching software Deepikaglobal.

T industry, has developed revolutionary methods for making people literate through the ''total immersion'' techniques. It's alive with bright colours, photographs and even cartoons. And in the traditions of high schools everywhere, you can leave your mark in the form of an "I was here" card on their wall. It's also possibly the only stand in the Summit with bright orange stools for visitors to sit on. But don't be fooled.

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While the WSIS Youth Caucus may seem happy-go-lucky, their message for the delegates thrashing out a world plan for communication technology is serious. And their developmental track record is proof of their commitment. Il faut du concret. Summit leaders put spotlight on human rights Neue Zuericher Zeitung "The World Summit on the Information Society got underway in Geneva on Wednesday, with calls for improved universal access to the emerging information society.

Global leaders were also warned of the need to ensure respect for human rights and freedom of expression and opinion. More than 50 heads of state or government and around 13, representatives of civil society, international organisations and the private sector are attending the three-day event. Swiss President Pascal Couchepin officially opened the summit at a ceremony involving thousands of delegates on Wednesday. Both the leaders met at Palexpo Center where the first phase of first ever Information Society Summit is taking place which is arranged jointly by United Nations and International Telecommunication Union.

In one-on-one meeting the Prime Minister and the Iranian President discussed in detail the situation in the region and particularly the situation in Afghanistan. African academics connect up online Africa. Their experience will be important input at the World Summit on the Information Society, which opened in Geneva on Wednesday with the aim of reducing the digital gap between rich and poor. Abdou Faye, a master's student of human resources in Dakar, says the digital campus facilities here give local students access to books they would otherwise never be able to afford.

I couldn't buy them," he said. Telecom industry on the comeback China Daily "The global telecom industry has entered a recovery phase after years of dismal performance, more than 30 chief technical officers CTOs said at a conference on Tuesday. Experts believe that this new period is being driven by the market pull for services that comes from a real convergence of information, computing and telecom technologies.

The issue is likely to overshadow a summit on information technology that opened yesterday in Geneva, where the World Wide Web was invented 13 years ago. Key decisions on internet issues, such as domain names and addresses, now reside in a private agency spun off from the US government - and the US wants to keep it that way. That also concerns the information society.

This would guarantee "network security" and "deal with content while respecting freedom of expression. UN Takeover of Internet? International Herald Tribune "What role should government and intra-governmental agencies play in the international development of the Internet? Jennifer L. The proposal comes in response to a feeling within the international community that their voices are not being heard in regard to how the Internet is run. The first phase is hosted by the Swiss Federation, from 10 to 12 December The second phase will be hosted by the Republic of Tunisia in November Telecoms Regulators Call for Competitive Markets All Africa "World telecommunications regulators have cited competition as being a key driver in promoting universal access to ICT services - a key issue in the World Summit on Information Society now underway in Geneva.

Speaking on the eve of the WSIS, they called upon countries to open their information and communications technology ICT sectors to greater competition. They further identified the kinds of regulations and practices needed to promote universal access to ICT services. World Summit on the Information Society begins in Geneva Coke to enter the e-music business Electric News "At the three-day World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, an event organised by the United Nations, the globe's political and ICT leaders have discussed the so-called "digital divide" between the world's rich and poor.

One focus of the conference is to find ways to boost Internet and mobile phone penetration in developing nations. Though officials from countries are in attendance, only a handful of the 60 heads of state or government attending come from Europe or North America, a point that critics have made in the run up to the event. But forging common ground in the face of sundry interests will prove difficult.

The aim is to discuss ways to bring poorer nations into the information age and speed up their economic development by improving access to mobile phone technology and the Internet. Speaking on the eve of the summit, U. Secretary-General Kofi Anan said the goal of the summit could be summed up in one word: "connections. But another cleavage is worming its way into the forefront of world politics: the divide between large developed economies--such as the United States, the European Union, and Japan--and the large developing countries--such as Brazil, India, and China.

It allows the same site to be maintained in a large number of languages, alerting translators to changes in the original site and ensuring material in all languages is accurate and current. Africa urges more computer funds BBC News "Several African heads of state are in Switzerland to attend the world's first information summit.


The leaders of Mali, Mozambique and Senegal are expected to call on richer nations to provide funds to give people access to private computers. But the African leaders' demands have already been thwarted.

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  7. On Tuesday, governments failed to agree on a special fund to help bridge the digital divide between rich and poor nations ahead of the summit. NGOs call upon Indian govt to bridge digital, knowledge divides Digital Opportunity, November 7, "BANGLAORE: Communities should be allowed to communicate and share information in their own way and in their own space to allow equitable and sustainable development, a number of civil society organisations said here this week.

    Parliament calls for gender equality in the information society Cordis News, November 7, "The European Parliament has, by an overwhelming majority, adopted a report on women in the information society which calls on the Commission and Member States to devise policies to ensure gender equality in the information and communication technologies ICT sector.

    The news site, www. The team of eight journalists includes representatives from the news media in Qatar, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria and the UK. I met Monday with Nitin Desai, whose latest project is the World Summit on the Information Society, which takes place in Geneva December and will be the first time the UN has attempted a big-picture look at the global importance of information technology. Desai is Kofi Annan's special advisor for the Summit.

    He previously spearheaded the massive gathering on development in Johannesburg last year, and the Indian diplomat has been involved in planning many other world events over the years. The defence ministry said the soldiers would assist police forces to carry out surveillance and transport operations.

    Comlan H. When Augustine arrived in Carthage, the saint found a seething, bubbling cauldron of wickedness. A similar fate has befallen the controversial internet address regulator, ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers , which hosted its trimestrial public board meeting this week in the Tunisian city. Five years after it was founded as a quasi-private body with the backing of many governments, ICANN now faces its most severe test.

    Why the internet must regulate itself Financial Times, October 31, "Imagine that every time you accidentally dialled a non-working phone number, you were bombarded with a telemarketing jingle. We look forward to seeing you at the next opportunity. Should you require further information, offers or contact please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Read more here Participants were recognized manufacturers around the water market, International Manufacturers instrumentation, pumps, chemical dosing systems, filters, containers During the recurrent training for internal firemen also aerosol cans are blown up.

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      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)
      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)
      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)
      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)
      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)
      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)
      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)
      Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition) Die Rolle der Presse in der Entwicklung Zimbabwes (German Edition)

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