Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection

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The Borrowed Christmas Borrowed Hearts The Borrowers Bonus Features: Making-of featurette. A Boyfriend for Christmas A Bramble House Christmas A Bride for Christmas Starring: Arielle Kebbel, Andrew W.

JANGLE BELLS - Short Film - Ft. Namit Das, Monali Thakur

Walker, and Kimberly Sustad. Broadcasting Christmas A Bulldog for Christmas Starring: Erin R. Bush Christmas C Back to top. Call Me Claus Call Me Mrs. Miracle Cancel Christmas The Carpenter's Miracle Carried Away The Case For Christmas Santa Who? DVD , but it has not yet been confirmed to be on this new package. Charming Christmas Chasing Christmas A Child's Christmas in Wales Chilly Christmas Starring: Tom Arnold, C. Christmas All Over Again Christmas Angel Christmas Angel aka "My Angel" Christmas Angel in the House aka Foster A Christmas Arrangement Christmas at Cartwright's Christmas at Graceland Christmas at Holly Lodge Christmas at Maxwell's Christmas at Rosemont aka Rosemont.

Christmas at Water's Edge Christmas Belle Thomas Howell and Sheree J. The Christmas Blessing Jones, and Rob Lowe. Christmas Bounty The Christmas Box and Timepiece Christmas Break-In The Christmas Bunny The Christmas Calendar The Christmas Candle Christmas Caper The Christmas Card A Christmas Carol. Christmas Child Starring: William R. Bonus Features: Original trailer, two featurettes, and music videos.

The Christmas Choir The Christmas Clause Christmas Colt Christmas Comes Home To Canaan Christmas Comes to Willow Creek Christmas Connection The Christmas Consultant The Christmas Contract Christmas Cookies Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage The Christmas Cure A Christmas Detour Christmas Do-Over The Christmas Dragon Starring: Talon G. Christmas Dreams Christmas Dress Christmas Eve A Christmas Eve Miracle Christmas for a Dollar The Christmas Gift Christmas Grace Christmas Harmony The Christmas Heart The Christmas Hope Christmas In Boston Starring: Marla Sokoloff, Patrick J.

Adams, Lindy Booth, and Jonathan Cherry. Christmas In Canaan Christmas in Compton Christmas in Connecticut Also available: Blu-ray. Christmas in Conway Christmas In Evergreen Christmas in Hollywood Christmas In Homestead Christmas in July A Christmas in New York A Christmas in Tennessee Starring: Rachel Boston, Andrew W. Walker, Patricia Richardson, and Caroline Rhea. Christmas in the Air Christmas in the City Christmas in the Clouds Emmet Walsh.

Christmas in the Heartland Christmas in the Smokies Bonus Features: Digital copy. Christmas in Wonderland Christmas Incorporated A Christmas Kiss Thomas Kinkade Presents Christmas Lodge Christmas Magic Christmas Mail Christmas Manger aka Bethlehem Ranch.

A Christmas Melody Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Miracle. Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek Bonus Features: Behind-the-scenes featurette. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey Christmas Next Door The Christmas Note Christmas on Chestnut Street Christmas on Salvation Street Christmas on the Bayou Christmas on the Coast Christmas Oranges The Christmas Ornament The Christmas Pact The Christmas Pageant Bonus Features: Includes nine silent Christmas films released between and , including the first ever adaptation of A Christmas Carol and the first adaptation of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Christmas Pen Pals The Christmas Project A Christmas Proposal A Christmas Puppy Christmas Ranch The Christmas Reunion A Christmas Romance The Christmas Secret The Christmas Shepherd The Christmas Shoes Christmas Snow A Christmas Snow Christmas Spirit A Christmas Star The Christmas Star Robb, and Zack Ward.

Also available in an Ultimate Collector's Edition tin box set. A Christmas Story 2 Christmas Story The Christmas Switch Christmas Tail A Christmas Tale Criterion Collection. Bonus Features: New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised by director Arnaud Desplechin; "L'aimee," Desplechin's documentary about the selling of his family home; New documentary featuring interviews with Desplechin and actors Mathieu Amalric and Catherine Deneuve; Original theatrical trailers; New and improved English subtitle translation; and a booklet featuring an essay by critic Philip Lopate.

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't A Christmas to Remember A Christmas Too Many Christmas Town Christmas Trade aka Christmas Switch. The Christmas Train A Christmas Tree Miracle Christmas Truce Christmas Under Wraps Christmas Vacation 25th Anniversary, Steelbook. Stay tuned for confirmation A Christmas Village A Christmas Visitor A Christmas Wedding Christmas Wedding Christmas Wedding Planner A Christmas Wedding Tail The Christmas Wife The Christmas Wish A Christmas Wish Christmas with a Capital C Christmas with a Prince Christmas with Holly Christmas with the Andersons Christmas with the Karountzoses Christmas with the Kranks Christmas with Tucker Christmas Without Snow A Cinderella Christmas Clara's Ultimate Christmas Come Dance With Me Come to the Stable Comfort and Joy Coming Home for Christmas aka "Home for Christmas".

Coming Home for Christmas A Cookie Cutter Christmas Coopers' Christmas aka "Coopers' Camera".


Christmas Movies on DVD: Comedy & Drama, A-K

A Country Christmas A Country Christmas Story Crazy for Christmas Crown for Christmas We see robots as barbers and beauticians, musicians and dancing partners. Well, Iron Man actually has the good guy, and not exactly in a love-crush. First shown on the original Matinee at the Bijou series. The film was shot and finished in but not released. It was a mess! So it was re-written and re-filmed in , but ran into new troubles -- it was now too good, too violent and too scary for kids. Censored prints were sent out instead, or were they?

The original epic made the rounds in the reissue, but has not been seen since. It does not show any actual scenes from the film, but does promise Giant Vampire Bats, which have since disappeared from all known prints. The second trailer is for the re-shot release. Their only escape is through a forbidden juju cave in a mountain. You can view the set-up and what survives of the spooky swamp today, but the entire climax of the film is missing. What is it? Where is it? Six for MGM from , six for RKO from , and then he went on to play a different jungle character, this time with clothes on, in the Jungle Jim movie series which continued until Twenty three years in the jungle is a long time for anyone, athlete or not.

Jekyll, Nero and Cleopatra. And it all gets underway with a recently restored cartoon masterpiece. It was originally created as an experimental film to test a new two-strip color process called Brewster Color. This was to be the first in a new series, but the series did not continue.

The classic film world is indebted to animator Steve Stanchfield for beautifully restoring and preserving this enchanting work of art on behalf of Thunderbean Animation. Saint-Saens finished the composition in , but prohibited its performance until after his death in This is the first time the music was ever paired with the action of live swans.

In the s theater organs were very popular, but only practical for theaters that could afford them along with an organist. So smaller theaters arranged to have their organ music originate up on the silver screen along with the words to the songs so audiences could sing-a-long. Today we salute Edgar Kennedy, one of our favorite comedy character actors who was featured in many short subjects and movies shown on the original s Matinee at the Bijou series on PBS. Enjoy the clips and come back on Friday for more on this very talented and funny man.

A very young Andy Devine is seen briefly in this vintage vignette. So naturally Abner is stunned to see Cornelius Cornpone Edgar walking in the forest. Just for fun we begin with the original title song, which was co-written by Milton Berle. Here are two brief clips edited together featuring Edgar with a full head of hair as the restaurant owner tolerating in the first clip the irascible Marie Dressler, followed by a scene with Chaplin and Mabel Normand. In this week's matinee, memorable movie music mixes with outrageous physical comedy.

When Betty and friends arrive and ask for more music, Grampy dons his thinking cap, the light bulb comes on, and he invents musical instruments on the spot. Tiger Rag is performed on the soundtrack by the Hoosier Hotshots, who hit all the right notes until the dancing builds to a crescendo and everyone collapses from joyous exhaustion.

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No one performs this jazz standard as does the phenomenal Mr. Waller in this vintage Soundie. Edgar was at his slow-burn-best as the lemonade stand salesman attempting to tolerate Harpo and Chico Marx in one of the funniest Marx Brothers sequences ever filmed. Here is the original theatrical trailer for Duck Soup. One scene in particular recalls W. The management of this theater apologizes for the low quality of the audio track on the print we received from the exchange, and we are feverishly working on a replacement print expected to arrive and be posted shortly.

Listen to the now politically incorrect lyrics as the lovely Dorothy sings "Love is Like A Cigarette. Walter Lantz showcased his Woody Woodpecker character for the fourth time in this colorful animated classic. The groundhog predicts a blizzard, but Woody decides not to go South with his pals. Starvation looms until a starving cat appears and triggers a contest to see who eats whom. Grace Stafford wife of Walter Lantz later assumed the role from to Lone Ranger actor Clayton Moore is one of the bad guys.

Of course, the rabbit plots to keep the dog awake all night in an escalating barrage of sight gags. In the two decades prior to the sound era, the most distinguished artists in the animation field created incredible masterpieces that few audiences today have seen or heard of.

Today the Bijou breaks from our traditional menu of cartoons, shorts, serials, trailers and theater ads to serve up a festival of rare silent-era animation classics. Featured are five vastly entertaining and imaginative cartoons produced between and featuring the pioneering work of Max Fleischer and Walt Disney. Animator and historian Ray Pointer has reconstructed and restored these animated treasures, adding lively period music and sound effects in a manner that would have accompanied the original presentations in theaters.

Ko-Ko becomes manic fearing he could be replaced and this could cost him his job. Read more about Max Fleischer here. The hens go on strike until Alice figures out how a Cock-Fight can save the day. You can read more about the Alice Comedies here. More on this early Walt Disney series is here. Jeff fantasizes himself in the Cinderella role and competes with Mutt for the Championship honors at the Charleston Exhibition. That is until his Fairy Godsister arrives and waves her magic wand. The puzzler is: What is a seven letter word found in Russia?

So Felix decides to go to Russia to find the answer. The result is trouble. This is the only complete print of this delightful cartoon romp known to have survived.

Where to find Suz Korb online

More on the silent Felix the Cat cartoons is here. A lot of the tunes are s dance music, mostly Fox Trots or Charlestons. I would recall certain pieces, keeping them in mind for each cartoon. I would find the start frame, and by feel, find the beat of the action that fit the beat of the music.

In some cases we helped it along with a subtle edit in order to maintain the continuity of rhythm. But the placement of the music is only a mechanical process. There is also a sense for knowing what music is right for the situation. Music has a great deal to do with how we perceive the films we watch. The same applies to cartoons. The difference between whether the audience is going to remain interested or not is dependent upon how entertaining the music is, and how the music compliments the actions on the screen. Much of the music applied by others tends to be boring and sleep inducing.

The use of music for comedy and cartoons is a special thing. The music should be humorous and enhancing of gags and not exist to simply "fill air.


But for the most part, this is all instinctive. As for the sound effects, I have collected them for 40 years. Many are authentic acoustical effects used in theaters, circuses, films, and cartoons. Some I have manufactured, or recreated. I made a particular effort to try to use sound effects that are most closely identified with certain brand cartoons or studios.

There's something that just seems right about hearing those authentic sounds that are so identified with their sound cartoons. Many times people have asked me where I found the sound re-releases of these cartoons. The fact is that I have created these soundtracks to make them sound authentic to the period. So when someone thinks they were from that era, this only indicates that my efforts were successful. That is most gratifying.

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In this collection of short wartime films we salute the heroic men and women who put their lives on the line in far away battlefields to assure victory. For the first time in these films minority soldiers were officially recognized for their contributions to the war, for their service and their sacrifices.

Racism was pervasive in the s. Daily Civilian life was racially segregated and so were all Military Units. Ugly racial incidents had occurred on military bases throughout the country. A study by the military called "What the Soldier Thinks" revealed the depth of prejudice held by the white soldier. The Services, themselves, were not officially desegregated until the end of the decade, when, in , President Truman issued the Executive Order. In this one, Snafu contemplates life in other branches of the military and imagines personally experiencing the challenges of each branch.

A highlight of this cartoon series is the brilliant character voice work of Mel Blanc. Blogger Kevin Langley has more vintage animation model sheets on display here. It asks America to remember the suffering and sacrifice of its fighting men Who Died? Cliffhanging serials take center stage to tie it all together in two action-packed serial trailers followed by a chilling cliffhanger from "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. After the narrator establishes some wacky anachronistic history, the camera follows a Pilgrim as he tracks down a plucky turkey that acts and sounds suspiciously like Jimmy Durante.

The serial proved a success and was followed by a string of Red Ryder B-movies. A corrupt banker is the bad guy in this chapter horse opera, as he bullies the ranchers off their properties so he can take title of the land for its cross-country railroad right-of-way value. Red escapes certain death numerous times before the day is saved. In this one, the masked-man on horseback is up against enemies with airplanes, bombs and machine guns at their disposal, along with such other anachronistic Zorro challenges as trains and New York skyscrapers.

The wrap-around cartoon sequences makes liberal use of puns to parody theatrical newsreel reports at the New News Theatre. Commercial advertising or "commercials" have been around almost forever. The Egyptians used papyrus to create sales messages as well as wall posters.

The printing press moved the images from walls and rocks to the handbill, books and newspapers. Then motion pictures introduced commercials to the movie screen and eventually television and computer screens.

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Last Friday we looked at how a tobacco company in created an entire cartoon designed to promote cigarette smoking to the youngest and most impressionable of audience members. For today's Bijou Mini-Matinee we present five more examples of short subjects that sell products or deliver messages. Subjects include a s breakfast cereal commercial, the soft selling of cars as product placements in cartoons, a comedy icon starring in a highway safety film, a environmental message from the Forest Service, and a wildly enthusiastic promotion of unfettered American capitalism.

Bobby demonstrates how this works when he whistles and in from the window comes S. This was shown in movie theaters in along with the shorts and feature. Imagine sitting through this before watching Gone with the Wind. At least they weren't selling cigarettes in this cartoon commercial that runs a minute and a half.

It was the first industrial film produced in Technicolor and received widespread praise from audiences and critics alike. It holds up nicely today and presents a charming and whimsical take on the classic Cinderella story, which Disney wouldn't tackle until Cinderella must get to the ball, of course, so she needs the dress and the wheels. Elves and forest critters make the dress from woodland materials, caterpillars roll into circles and become the automobile tires, fireflies become the spark plugs and mice power the motor.

The transportation won't turn out to be a coach, of course, but rather the latest deluxe model Chevrolet, which magically appears when the coach goes in the "Modernizer" and comes out the finished "product. Edgar plays a reckless, ill-tempered driver who takes the audience on a ride to demonstrate how it's not always the "other fellow" who doesn't know how to drive. Among the characters we see briefly, all played by Edgar, are the farmer driver, the sport driver, the truck driver, the newlywed driver and a careless driver.

Edgar does a little singing from "I'm Sitting on Top of the World" and does a great "slow burn. Department of Agriculture produced this animated and live-action environmental theatrical short concerning watershed management. Along the way, Junior becomes a juvenile delinquent and gets mixed up with some hoodlum raindrops plotting to gang up and create a flash flood.

The H2O Gang escalates the chaos and the next thing you know they're flooding the landscape and the countryside. Live action segments supplement the animation. The message is to preserve the trees, avoid over-grazing and soil erosion, protect vegetation and maintain the natural ecology as a general rule - and to spread the word about good watershed management.

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  2. Tumours of the Larynx: Histopathology and Clinical Inferences.
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  5. On the Wings of a Dove: Grandmother Tales;
  6. Narrator to Joe: "It must be the American way of doing things that makes you the luckiest guy in the world. The narrator continues: "Joe's the king, because he can buy more with his wages than any other worker on the globe. The film was reportedly financed by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and created by the chairman of General Motors.

    Read the complete story and watch the cartoon here. A comedy duo tackles a trio of terror and our Bijou Mini-Matinee of pop culture potpourri is off and running. This week we've programmed an eclectic mix of short subject treats designed simply to amuse and entertain. This one involves an ancient Egyptian Mummy's curse and the murdered dead body of a distinguished scientist discovered in a tomb of Mummies.

    Lois Lane follows Clark Kent into the Egyptian tomb, attempting to scoop Clark as he investigates a frame-up for the murder, which involves the slain scientist's assistant. The ancient Mummies who guard the tomb are awakened, of course, and have a few bones to pick with the intruders. Only Superman can handle this much bad Karma and produce the predictable Happy Ending. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" from , which featured Boris Karloff as the mad man with the split personality. All are featured in this provocative Max and Dave Fleischer concoction that must have raised some eyebrows when an infant version of Betty Boop appears naked and strikes some curious poses for the camera.

    It is surprising that the Hays Office didn't strike the entire Baby Boop sequence. Bimbo plays a fortune teller, and KoKo is his doorman. Betty shows up for a reading and the crystal ball reveals more than a prognostication. Here is yet another film made to promote cigarette smoking. Such radio shows were often underwritten by sponsors seeking to identify their products with soft sell celebrity identification.

    Sinatra may have allegedly preferred Camels, but here he sings a cool version of "Stardust" on behalf of Lucky Strike - accompanied by full orchestra and chorus. We've chosen to edit out the three minute "commercial" that was central to this short and that slyly suggested how important was Lucky Strike's selection and processing of "fine tobacco" acquired from their successful bidding at the "tobacco auction.

    Join us again this coming Friday when we screen a forgotten and long lost "Buck Rogers" short subject that was presented at the Chicago World's Fair. This cartoon, and the complete Fleischer Superman cartoon series are available here. The newest Indiana Jones blockbuster is the fourth in the series of popular screen adventures, and, like the Star Wars series, were inspired by the classic cliffhanging serials such as those featured on Matinee at the Bijou. Cartoons and short subjects were no exception and remaking and re-imagining what once worked proved often to be profitable.

    The theatrical "screen magazine" short subjects like Voice of Hollywood , The Star Reporter and the Hollywood on Parade series all featured stories about celebrities, the world of movies, and the promotion of upcoming studio releases. Since television has continued the tradition with Entertainment Tonight and its many proliferating clones.

    But this isn't the cat and mouse that modern audiences have come to know and love. Friday's post will feature their story, but today you can enjoy three of the best in the series - along with a short and trailer further demonstrating how the Hollywood studios were pioneers not only in filmmaking, but also in recycling. This leads to multiple encounters with a variety of apparitions and performing skeletons, including one skeleton doing a Spanish dance and another toweling off in the bathtub. Jerry has acquired a magic pencil and uses it to annoy Tom by transforming existing objects and drawing new objects that come to life only to undergo metamorphosis.

    A sequence where Jerry draws a tomato, potato and banana sets the scene for a surreal interpretation of the song "Yes, We Have No Bananas. In a bizarre twist, Jerry's magic pencil saves the day for the villain when the hero is on the railroad tracks and run over by a train. Tom promptly dispatches the villain, and Jerry then dispatches Tom's new dream date. Cast ashore in Spain , they become overly infatuated with a dancing Spanish waitress at a cafe' who incorporates "bump and grind" into her interpretation of La Paloma.

    The finale arrives when a postman arrives with a telegram from Uncle Sam announcing that the 18th Amendment had been repealed. Red plays an ex-star of the Ziegfeld Follies who is wasting away his life and relationship to drinking and gambling. Actor Tim Considine is introduced in the trailer as " Timmie " Considine 8 years before he became one of TV's My Three Sons and plays the devoted son whose endurance and endearment fuel the plot and forecast the weepy ending. Sound familiar?

    The Clown was inspired by MGM's The Champ , where the father is a champion boxer before succumbing to the same bad habits. The original starred Wallace Beery, who won the Best Actor Oscar that year for his performance, and Jackie Cooper, memorable as the son. Then he reads "Movie Club Request" letters, ostensibly from audience members, with special requests to see their favorite stars.

    Mickey was in the very first short, filmed in and simply called "Our Gang. Mary Kornman joined the cast in the fourth Our Gang comedy called One Terrible Day and also continued until when she and Mickey appeared in the series for the last time in Reunion in Rhythm. Then there is a request for a song from actress Lupe Velez, who accommodates by performing a love song that just happens to promote her latest MGM studio release Cuban Love Song, which also featured Louise Fazenda.

    This preposterous short was the feature of last Friday's blog, which follows immediately below. Buck Anthony Rogers began life in in a Novella published in Amazing Stories magazine and in became the first science fiction comic strip. In Buck Rogers was the first sci-fi radio show and endured until This short was Buck's first celluloid manifestation and was followed in by a Universal chapter cliffhanging serial starring Buster Crabbe as Buck. Buck Rogers was twice produced as a TV series and as a TV movie, and has been optioned by Millennium Films to be developed as a big screen blockbuster for release in Indeed, everything old becomes new again.

    Should the subject of "singing cowboys" surface, most would quickly think of Roy Rogers or Gene Autry. You have to be fond of vintage westerns or old enough to have been around during the thirties to early fifties to name other famous cowboy crooners, like Tex Ritter, Rex Allen and Jimmy Wakely. But few know that John Wayne has the distinction of being one of the screen's first singing cowboys. In Friday's feature post we're going to share more about the singing cowboy phenomenon. Meanwhile, today's Bijou Mini-Matinee salutes the singing cowboys of the silver screen with a variety of film clips and novelty shorts.

    What were they thinking? Since Wayne wasn't a singer, his voice had to be dubbed. They billed him as " Singin ' Sandy " but used a singer whose voice was incongruous with Wayne 's own voice. The result was dreadful. Here is the title sequence followed by two clips of John Wayne warbling woefully, first on horseback accompanying himself on guitar from the film's opening sequence, followed by a love ballad called "Desert Breeze" sung by Wayne to his sweetheart. While he would go on to sing in a couple more westerns in the Lone Star series, the idea was not a good fit and the sight of John Wayne singing was not supported by audiences.

    One of the songs he sang in the picture, "Dust," was nominated for an Oscar. Roy sang and played himself in nearly seventy B-westerns from to Shown here are the opening titles, followed by a fun musical sequence from 's Bells of San Angelo , starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Louise' brother Allen Massey participates in the animated sequence before and after the song. Allen tells tall tales about his cowboy prowess, which are demonstrated in cartoon form.

    Louise Massey and the Westerners were a major country music act during the s in concert and on the radio. They appeared in this short subject and the same year appeared with singing cowboy star Tex Ritter in Where the Buffalo Roam. The sheriff insists a group arriving in town prove that they are musicians - by performing for him. Monogram nonetheless cranked out eight of these entertaining musical comedy adventures from to The kids in matinee audiences reportedly vocalized their discontent whenever the Mountie started to sing. John Wayne's "Singing Sandy " character was not the screen's first singing cowboy after all.

    The Duke's role in "Riders of Destiny" was the "first" of what Monogram planned as a continuing series of B-western horse operas to be produced by Lone Star Productions. When Wayne 's badly dubbed singing was poorly received by audiences, the Lone Star series continued - but songs were rarely performed in the sequels that followed. So just who was the screen's first singing cowboy?

    Ranger Doug's book Singing in the Saddle provides a wealth of info on this curious phenomenon of cinema history. If measured by the earliest film made, it appears the distinction belongs to Ken Maynard. In , with only a horseman's skills, Maynard began acting and stunting in the movies.

    He acted in 30 silent films before making his first talkie, "The Wagon Master," in the summer of Country music was a vital part of the popular culture at the time, and likely the reason Maynard was assigned the challenge of singing in his movies. His third sound film, "Parade of the West," was released in January featuring three country music songs. Steele began making westerns in as a year-old tenderfoot in a series of silent shorts called "The Adventures of Bill and Bob. In the summer of , Steele made his first talking picture and 38th movie called "Near the Rainbow's End.

    There are contrary reports as to whether he did his own singing, or his voice was dubbed by brother Bill. Steele sang in only five of the two dozen films he starred in from to , and dropped the singing for his many oater operas made thereafter. Here we present the opening titles and a select sequence from Steele's second talking picture, " Oklahoma Cyclone.

    He played Trooper Duffy. Ritter started out by singing cowboy songs on the radio in and wisely propelled his talents into a prominent career in radio and even occasional live roles on the Broadway stage. This all resulted in major recording contracts for Ritter in - three years before he made his first singing cowboy movie, "Song of the Gringo," in The final clip typifies a trick often used by the singing cowboy -- to see just how far he can tease the villain with ironic lyrics in his song before the villain figures out the song is about him.

    Notice in these scenes how much father and son resembled each other in appearance and screen presence. Ritter the younger learned much from his gifted father. Autry soon surpassed Maynard in popularity and studio support, and in replaced Maynard as the star of a new 12 chapter serial the studio was producing called "The Phantom Empire. Here is the first reel from this Mascot chestnut showcasing in one sequence the complete Ken Maynard screen persona: his famous Palomino horse "Tarzan," black hat, pistols, guitar and grumpy old sidekick Cactus George "pre-Gabby" Hayes.

    Great thanks to our colleague Greg Luce for providing the film clips and trailers for this week's show. The complete films are available now at Sinister Cinema. This week we present a parade of pop culture screen personalities from the s and 40s. Even Bugs Bunny drops in for a daffy cameo.

    This is the set up for a gag fest centering on how Porky and Daffy will manage to escape.

    Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection
    Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection
    Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection
    Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection
    Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection
    Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection Jingleballs: From the Romantic Comedy Shorts Collection

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