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He explored many avenues in his art experience including taking a year off to study the technical side of fabric design at another institution. Returning with this spark in the technical side of fabric design, he was engaged in a future career endeavor that led him to his current role in the fabric world. Fabric Design encompasses so many intricate working details.

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Starting out working for a company in North Carolina in High Point placed Wesley in the mist of the fabric world. Career journeys ebb and flow. Interestingly enough, the browns, yellows, plaids requested sold. As independent designer, he would earn a small base and receive royalties on his creations. With this opportunity, the world of fabric design opened up. From upholstery to woven media, prints and trims, Wesley would become the designer behind many re-labeled home items such as beddings, pillows, etc.

Carving out his niche, his company.

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Wesley Mancini, LTD, has been instrumental in allowing his creativity to flourish. His international reach has allowed him to work with mills worldwide even as far as India and China. The Wesley Mancini Collection of Home Fabrics is known for domestically produced furniture upholstery, bedding, and drapery fabrics. With a vertical design studio located in the trendy and hip south end of Charlotte, Wesley creates original art, weave structures, color, straight to the final product.

Having the opportunity to meet with Wesley within his home, one cannot miss the personal touches he has integrated including various hand knotted rugs and intricate, exquisite collection of Kuba cloths. Kuba cloths are actually hand made by pregnant women in the Congo made of a Raffia fabric. Wesley mentioned that the depth and unique beauty of the cloths has drawn attention from local museums such as the Mint in Charlotte for possible showings.


Weaving Lives of Silk and Freedom

In , Wesley created the Wesley Mancini Foundation. The foundation was a pioneer for providing funding for projects that foster the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals as citizens in the Charlotte community. The foundation was funded with his own money as Wesley is deeply vested in the values of equality and inclusion. Being a thought leader and community role model, Wesley was asked to be the Grand Marshall in the 1st Pride Parade in Charlotte With his early works, he was able to bring awareness and open minds within the community.

Currently, Wesley has closed his charity yet his initial efforts have raised awareness- Currently, The Foundation for the Carolinas has a Charlotte Lesbian Gay Fund under its umbrella to support the Gay and Lesbian Community in Charlotte.

Weaving his love of the arts, his humanitarian focus, and his earnest efforts to develop the craft of fabric design, Wesley has forever weaved a stitch in not only the fabric world, but Charlotte and the world at large. Recognize the Relationship: When you first receive an invitation, consider the sender.

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Weaving the fabric of life, history and culture

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A registry also allows you to select gifts in a wide range of price points. Weaving the Wind is intended to be a comforting resource for those whose own heart is the only source that can define their challenges.

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Within these pages the reader will find a sense of harmony, inner peace and a celebration of their own ability to weave passion, purpose and compassion into the tapestry of their lives while honoring their destiny and celebrating the indomitable spirit in each of us. Thelma Giomi is an award winning poet, author, and public speaker.

She earned her Ph.

Weaving Lives of Silk and Freedom | Freedom's Promise

Giomi, a native of New Mexico, has deep connections to the land, the cultures and the people of the Southwest that enrich her life and poetry with powerful images and a deep sense of the spiritual. Through life experiences with chronic illness, being a caregiver for family members and friends she has developed a deep belief that caring for each other is the most significant and meaningful thing we can do with our lives.

She emphasizes the strong spirit in all of us to find enchantment and inspiration in the world around us, empowering our lives with renewal, deep peace and purpose.

Weaving Through Lives Weaving Through Lives
Weaving Through Lives Weaving Through Lives
Weaving Through Lives Weaving Through Lives
Weaving Through Lives Weaving Through Lives
Weaving Through Lives Weaving Through Lives

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