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Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Joe Parascand Sheriff Thomas Walker Kimberly Graf Do not invest tempo into cards like Sandsteppe Citadel and Abzan Banner , since hopefully the games won't go long enough for such cards to be worth their initial investment. Focus most on your own threats instead of seeking to answer whatever your opponent might be doing.

The small number of answer cards that you can play should be geared to counter the cards that might shut down your own game plan like blocking creatures.

Yu-Gi-Oh! MD - Prophecy Spellbook Deck Causes Ultimate Rage

First, take a look at the mana curve of this deck. A full 22 spells cost one mana! There are five white and black creatures currently legal in Standard that cost one mana and have 2 power ; this deck plays four of them in four copies each! This means having the highest possible chance of making a good, aggressive play on turn one, and also a high chance of playing two additional one-mana spells on turn two! Deploying your threats as quickly as possible is an important aspect of a tempo-based strategy.

Notice also that no spell costs more than three mana. This means that all of your weapons will be at your disposal in the early turns of the game. It also allows for a relatively low land count only 21 , making more room for threats.

Magick for Young Witches

Regarding individual card choices, Herald of Torment is a perfect card for an aggro deck. It only costs three mana, so it has a great chance of coming down early and putting pressure on the opponent. However, in the case where you draw too many lands, or if the games goes a little longer than you might like, Herald of Torment 's bestow ability provides a back-up plan. The bestow ability can provide a big tempo swing by allowing an existing creature to fly over a blocker right away.

While many creatures require an initial tempo investment due to their inability to tap or attack on the first turn they're in play we used to call this "summoning sickness" , bestowing Herald has an immediate impact on the board, and a big one at that! The flexibility of being able to use either option is what's so appealing about Herald of Torment. A number of cards in this deck cause you to lose life: Herald of Torment , Pain Seer , Thoughtseize , and Ulcerate , to name a few.

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy (UTR)

From my experience, new players tend to instinctively avoid cards like these like the plague. However, it's important for all players to get over this phobia. After all, aggro players do not need to worry much about their own life totals. Remember, the best defense is a good offense!

In the early game, you're going to be so far ahead in tempo that your opponent won't be able to attack you back. If things go awry and your opponent is able to swing things back in his or her favor, a couple of life points are unlikely to make the difference. Your goal is to win the game before your opponents can get their more expensive and powerful cards online; your goal should never be to beat those cards in a fair fight. However, when you play an aggro deck you should be happy to make sacrifices in terms of life total in order to preserve tempo.

Lands that enter the battlefield tapped slow you down and throw off your mana curve. That can be very costly for an aggro strategy. Finally, let's take a look at the answer cards of this WB Aggro deck. Hero's Downfall is a reliable way to take out virtually any blocker and keep attacking. Ulcerate and Murderous Cut are slightly more situational— they require certain circumstances to be at their best—but make up for it in their mana efficiency.

If you can ever kill a creature with an Ulcerate or a delved Murderous Cut and play your own creature in the same turn, then you've created a huge tempo swing that you can use to your advantage. Thoughtseize is also an answer card, although in this particular deck you'll most often use it to answer your opponent's answer.

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After all, the two biggest threats to an aggro strategy will typically be blocking creatures and removal spells. You cannot Hero's Downfall a removal spell, but you can Thoughtseize it away before your opponent casts it! This will be particularly valuable when your opponent has planned the entire game around a high-impact spell like End Hostilities and you can strip it away at the last moment. The key to Constructed formats is building your deck with a concerted strategy. The beauty of an aggro deck, like the white-black deck featured above, is that every card contributes to attacking your opponent's life total.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Strategy Articles » LTGY Preview: Spellbook of Judgment

This page was last modified on 20 April , at October 26, Patch Spectral Halloween Special. Tradable :. Craftable :. Click to listen — Merasmus on cosmetic spells. Footprint Effects. Halloween Spell: Team Spirit Footprints.


Halloween Spell: Gangreen Footprints. Halloween Spell: Corpse Gray Footprints. Halloween Spell: Violent Violet Footprints. Halloween Spell: Rotten Orange Footprints. Halloween Spell: Bruised Purple Footprints. Halloween Spell: Headless Horseshoes. Paint Effects. Halloween Spell: Die Job. Halloween Spell: Spectral Spectrum.

Halloween Spell: Putrescent Pigmentation. Halloween Spell: Sinister Staining. Halloween Spell: Chromatic Corruption.

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The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014
The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014
The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014
The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014
The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014
The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014
The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014
The Ultimate Spell book 2014 The Ultimate Spell book 2014

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