Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller

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It is as addictive as hot buttered popcorn—you'll keep coming back for more. The combination of history, conspiracy and explosive action makes the book impossible to put down. Highly recommended! Gilmour mixes Clive Cussler with Matthew Reilly, then adds a healthy dose of his own style. The result is a debut novel that stands with the best in the genre and leaves you ready to pound on Gilmour's door demanding the sequel.

Kane Gilmour has tapped into the same creative vein that energized Clive Cussler's earlier Dirk Pitt novels.

Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller by Kane Gilmour | BookSliced

It's all there, from the pitch perfect character chemistry to over-the-top action. If you've been craving some old school Cussler, you really need to read Resurrect. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller

Create a List. Summary It starts with a nearly empty plane crashing in the Himalaya. Praise for Gilmour: "Resurrect is high adventure in the grand tradition, with a brash hero, relentless villains, beautiful women, and breathtaking locales from the Himalaya to Hong Kong.

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Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. The mask is undamaged until the end of the film where Jason is hit in the head with an axe. This leaves the famous axe mark repeated in most of the sequels.

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  6. Jason is back for the fourth installment this time played by Ted White. The mask is back a little more scuffed up and more wear on the nose. Also blood stained around the famous axe mark. The triangle in the brow area is now half worn off. Instead of three red triangles it is missing the brow triangle and has two blue triangles pointing downward instead of upwards.

    It is also missing the extra unused snaps on the front. We also get the real Jason in some hallucination scenes. The hallucination mask is modeled after Part 4 but is missing most of the scuff marks and wear. It is more of a dirtied version with the axe mark in tact. One scene the axe mark is clean and later has blood dripping down to the chin. Also the axe mark got much more narrow. The three red triangles were replaced by just one, the brow triangle. The additional snaps were replaced by useless metal rivets.

    Another change was the usual black straps were replaced by brown leather ones. This began the Kane Hodder era of Jason. He would don the mask four films in a row and truly give Jason a personality of his own. Also the mask gets some more character in this film thanks to the blade of a motorboat chopping up the left lower side of the mask.

    In this film Tina uses her powers to snap the hockey mask in half right down the middle leaving him mask less at the end of the film. In the eighth installment Jason gets a new mask. However this one is yet again very different.

    FRIDAY THE 13TH (2020) - Movie Teaser Trailer Concept – Jason Horror Reboot

    This mask has a yellowish tint to it and is sporting the three-triangle look again in its original red color. However the two cheek triangles are now much thinner and pointing outward instead of inward as in the previous films. This mask is also equipped with a new high tech strap configuration attached to the mask with metal rivets and buckles.

    This time they went back to the look of the Part 7 mask but even smaller and more beat up.

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    Again they used the single brow triangle painted a darker red and added bullet holes. They made this mask look like the part 7 mask but wore around the edges as if to be repaired with new straps because the area where the new ones were attached to before had broken away. They added brown leather straps attached with two metal rivets each.

    This would be the last time Hodder played the role of Jason and they really sent him out with a bang. This film did something none of the others including the remake did and that was change the design of the hockey mask.


    Instead of recasting and retooling the hockey mask like they have done in EVERY other film this one had a brand new original hockey mask design made. This new hockey mask was much smaller and had more of a diamond shape than the previous roundish masks. The biggest change in the sculpture however was that the nose came outward to almost a point and sloped down to the form of the hockey mask.

    It featured a little of the boat damage and axe damage but was subtle.

    Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller
    Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller
    Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller
    Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller
    Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller

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