How to Find Inner Peace

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2. Embrace Who You Are

First I feel that it would beneficial to take a look at the definition of inner peace before we get too frustrated. Inner peace and Stillness, in relation to this article, is the place in our being that we can go to allow our spiritual nature to become more predominant. Basically, we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience but you have heard that before. Yet it seems that you may have forgotten that you can connect to this powerful aspect of yourself.

This is your eternal identity. It is what you truly are and it is not bound by space or time.

It can essentially see all. This is directly in opposition with where we generally are, allowing our logical or worldly minds to take over.

Dalai Lama speaks on Inner Peace,Inner Values & Mental States

When our lives get busy it is difficult to relax and find a sense of peace. The opposite can be true for you as well. That is when you are quiet and alone. These are self-reflective times but you are not accustomed to them. Sometimes you may seem to not be able to cope with the stark quiet. Our minds go every which way. There are ways to find this calm amidst the stillness and they are very easy to master. One of the ways of truly achieving inner peace and happiness is by simply searching for peace within yourself.

In order to do that you must first learn how to switch off your brain. You need to find some techniques to calm the mind. Thinking Happy Thoughts … You have a choice. You can choose happy thoughts. One of the simplest methods for connecting to a form of inner peace is to just tune into happy thoughts. Just as darkness cannot be in the presence of light negativity and fear cannot be in the presence of positive loving emotions. When you focus on this you will find that your attitude changes and a sense of peace preside. Acceptance … Stop all judgment including self-judgment.

As you judge the events of your life you are creating a box. These boxes can keep you a prisoner. The instructions to get out of these boxes is written on the outside. In other words, once you have left the judgment behind you can see more clearly. What will happen will happen. What is occurring has arrived and the present is the present. Resistance will only cause negativity. Gratitude … A true sense of gratitude will allow the flow of peace in your life.

You can be grateful for all things, people and events that come into your life especially if you practice the other habits of finding inner peace such as non-judgment and acceptance. Practicing gratitude can create greate harmony in your life. Control Desires … as human beings you find that you become addicted to specific desires. These lack of satisfaction will set you on the path to negativity. Why do I feel unfulfilled and incomplete? And then we die wondering. If you are here, breathing and reading this right now, then you have been blessed with this day, to wake up!

Wake up and take control of your destiny, starting with what you focus on and allow into your life regardless of your age. One way to clean out the clutter in our inner space is by guarding the garden of our mind. Being conscious of what we allow inside, starting with our own words, thoughts, and attention. We may not be aware of this, but we spend so much energy on gossiping, bad-mouthing other people, judging other people, finding faults in others, and consumed in negative thoughts like jealousy, guilt or fear, and making excuses to cover up how we actually feel.

But if we truly observe ourselves, our thoughts and our words, we will notice that at some point of every day, however subtly or unconsciously, we are doing several of these things. I had learned the following simple but incredibly effective technique from Swami Nithya Bhaktananda, spiritual counselor and direct disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji. Have you found yourself making up excuses to avoid fully dealing with a potentially uncomfortable situation?

For example, your friend asks you to some social event. Another example, someone asks you for a favor that you do not wish to comply to, but you feel guilty for rejecting him, so you either avoid that person i. It is not that you cannot do something, as your excuse suggests. The truth is that you have chosen not to do something, but the act of creating an excuse or avoiding it initiates a stir in your inner space, and it takes energy to maintain. The words come so automatically now that they start to lose their true meaning. We may think that these casual comments are harmless, but we know deep down that they are not true.

They become little lies that we internalize, and over time they will develop into a guilty conscience that distracts you away from this moment.

Make a conscious commitment to yourself to mean everything that you say, and not to make empty promises that you cannot, will not, do not intend to fulfill. Whether we admit to this or not, most of us love some form of gossiping myself included. We are also quick to notice the fault in others, and then talk about them with our trusted allies.

When we got home, we immediately told our spouse about the drama. Another example: Pat was fired from his job. Once we heard about it, we called or text-messaged our best friend Jane to tell her about it. In both examples, we cannot repeat the same things to everyone, especially Jenny or Pat. When we consciously observe such a conversation, we learn that we have accomplished nothing that feeds our soul.

All we did was spread drama and created negative energy and inner conflict that polluted our inner space.

Step 2: Adjusting the body and the mind

Commit not to say something to one person, unless you can announce it to the world. Commit to stop the spreading of drama and bad energy. Most of us are extremely critical of ourselves. Because we would never tell the world what we say to ourselves, in the privacy of our mind, we believe that we are the only ones affected by negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and anxiety. We all have inner chattering. Problems arise when we start to believe in our inner chattering and false beliefs about ourselves form. These false beliefs become detrimental to our spirits and future wellbeing unless we do something to unlearn these beliefs.

Step 1: Sit comfortably

I am exposing you, for you are not real! From today onward, I am free from you. Keep your inner space clean. Observe the people who talk on buses, or love to chitchat at work by the water fountain.

Six Ways to Achieve Inner Peace - Daring to Live Fully

If you observe and count the things they say that are useful or truly interesting, it will be a low number. Not only is this distracting for those around this person, but it also takes an enormous amount of energy for this person to keep talking. Recall the last time you talked for a long time about something random, and how drained you felt afterward. Plus, the more useless things we say, the more useless things we feed back into our head. And at the end of such a day, they feel a tremendous sense of peace, space and energy bubbling inside them.

15 Tips To Find Inner Peace And Happiness

This post was born out of 4 simple sentences someone gave me a few months ago. If you give this simple 4-line guidance a try for 21 days, you will notice a beautiful inner transformation; from noise to stillness, from chaos to clarity. It may seem difficult at first but do it consistently and consciously for 3 days. It becomes much easier after that.

Extend it to 7 days, and then to 21 days. Please do not kick yourself for slipping on the rules; it happens, let it go. After some time, observe how your outer world changes, as your inner world transforms. Please come back and share with us. In our quest to boost your personal growth, we hope to inspire and support you through our content! You can also check us out on Facebook. In the early 's I was diagnosed a "Manic Depressive" To make a long story short, my counselor told me "Some people are afraid of success" I believe that fit me to a "T" A close friend and I went to a FREE seminar and ended up taking a 48 hour class from the Mind Control Institute in January, This article brought back memories.

You see one of my worst enemies is procrastination. I've been retired since and am so busy I need a 48 hour day to do the things most people do in a 24 hour day. Their is an old saying "The truth is the light". Trust me, I see it, I know it, and as of this day, July 4, I am making a determination to do something about it.

How to Find Inner Peace How to Find Inner Peace
How to Find Inner Peace How to Find Inner Peace
How to Find Inner Peace How to Find Inner Peace
How to Find Inner Peace How to Find Inner Peace
How to Find Inner Peace How to Find Inner Peace

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