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Girl still in the chase.

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Yes— the Golden Horse Treasure hunt was extremely exciting. I have always wished they would print a book with the actual solve. Just a couple of examples though it could be complete coincidence. Forrest has said gloves could be helpful, and there is no scrapbook 32 O. Simpsons number — O. There are several other things about the Fenn Treasure that remind me of the Golden horse search, but again, it could all be coicidental. Have there been any treasure hunts of significant value that have been solved and retrieved? The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Perplex City, but that one was based in England.

Someone had gotten within a few feet of it, but dug up the wrong place. An English gentleman finally found it. Kit Williams also had a book shortly after that with no title. The cover had a Bee on a Honeycomb. If you could find out the title of the book you would win a golden Bee. Many people solved it—including my sister. Williams had to choose a winner from all of the creative entries sent to him. So it was kind of interesting. I well remember this puzzle and worked many years on it. The key for me was the video!

It was certainly solvable because the video held the key with the book. Rocking horse photo — Rocky Mountains! Video had fences and porches made of crossed boards — this was the key — tens I see — Tennessee pass. I solved it to late. Also ancient Greek symbols in book translated to — land of red — Colorado. In book the phrase — paste board passes — a pass through the mountains. The map was a location for the trees near the war memorial. I almost solved it. VERY solvable! For years I have heard the arguments and have waited for someone else to say what I just said.

Come on guys — solvable!!!!!! I just ran out of time!

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Real bummer! I love that! I mentioned this before a while back.

12 Films you cannot miss at the Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival 12222

I still joke about this. Garp immediately goes over and offers to buy the place. They ask why. What if Forrest buried his chest in the same location that the golden horse was found to have been buried? Who would ever think someone would do that? What if the chest is buried in tennesee pass, Colorado? That would be hilarious.

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It is truly a daunting challenge for the puzzle setter. As wily a character as is Mr. Fenn, and despite his statements that he thought of everything — which I believe he truly means — we have to wonder whether such a feat is really possible. Thank you, Spoon!!!

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I totally agree about landmarks. You covered it very well. Thank you, Sparrow. I was kinda worried, because I wanted to convey just how much this book means to me.

Treasure: In Search of the Golden

So thank you. And I hope you found the book!

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  7. Your words have beautifully captured an aspect of armchair treasure hunting that is difficult to express. Thank you, Helen!! I am glad I was able to express it just a little bit. Kurt, thanks for the excellent story. Interestingly, this treasure hunt required difficult ciphers with no confirmation, running the text through a Vigenere Matrix?

    Thank you, Forrest. Great post. Does seem like failed treasure hunts are a common as successful ones. Thank you. I find that really depressing. I learned about the Golden Horse treasure about a month before it expired. It should be noted that in addition to the other items, the clues were also available as a story on a VHS videotape, which I still have. I played and studied that videotape every day until the hunt expired. I also saw and videotaped the news story of the two guys that found the horse.

    I compared their solve of the puzzle to the videotape story and it fit perfectly. Therefore I have reason to believe the horse was buried exactly as stated by the finders. Just my 2 cents worth. I totally agree. I am glad to see some new interest in this hunt. I had worked on this hunt several years ago and had studied all three media the book, VHS, and laserdisc.

    I was able to find a complete solution in each media that all led to the same location Tennessee Pass. The problem with the published Nemo solution is that it employed clues from different media to reach a solution. I would be happy to post my solutions to the book, VHS, and LD in the forum if there is any interest. I arrived at Tennesee Pass before the the conclusion of the contest while on vacation and while trying to match the tree pattern to the map I succumbed to the pleadings of my two young sons and now ex-wife to leave because it was windy and cold and they were hungry. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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    5. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title. Horse Diaries 5 Golden Sun.

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      The Mysterious Golden Horse. Golden Horse. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Our Awards Booktopia's Charities.

      The Mysterious Golden Horse The Mysterious Golden Horse
      The Mysterious Golden Horse The Mysterious Golden Horse
      The Mysterious Golden Horse The Mysterious Golden Horse
      The Mysterious Golden Horse The Mysterious Golden Horse
      The Mysterious Golden Horse The Mysterious Golden Horse
      The Mysterious Golden Horse The Mysterious Golden Horse
      The Mysterious Golden Horse The Mysterious Golden Horse

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