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Smart new business ventures like Groupon are exploiting the new Social Economy to great effect. Interestingly, in China and India two-thirds of young people admit that their friends have more influence over their decisions than their family does higher than all other countries in the study. It is in these developing markets where young people, truly at the vanguard of technological change, are most different from their parents. But at a broader level, the definition of friendship for young people is being stretched, segmented and reinvented…. Once upon a time, teenagers had a small group of friends typically people , and these were often people met through school.

Within this group young people could express their individuality, but it was vital that they belonged to the group. However, nowadays things are more complex. Using social media, a typical teenager is likely to manage and maintain multiple, intersecting groups of friends. In other markets like the UK, having too many friends can be seen as an act of desperation, and networks are actively culled. To make you look more popular 2. Even going on a short underground train journey can cause anxiety because this is like being without one of your senses for a short period.

In this scenario you get all the credit without looking overly vain or full of yourself. Creativity and competition Asked to draw what motivates them, a young person in Germany draws a depiction of being creative, a young person in Korea draws an image to represent the fear of being surpassed by your friends…. In many ways this is a generation who define themselves via their creativity. After all, they are the first generation in history that had mass democratic access to the tools of creativity: digital cameras, cheap editing software, design programs and blogging platforms.

The flipside to mass self-expression and connectivity is the ability to continuously measure your own life achievements against those within your network. Never before have young people found it easier to benchmark their successes or lack of…. As the Social Economy increases its reach, could we find an entire generation impacted by social status anxiety?

Being socially useful Of course there are many brands that aim to thrive in the Social Economy. The most successful brands have a deep understanding of what being social means to young people. Socially useful brands will help young people to…. Spontaneous Affectionate. Motivated Generous. Energetic Outgoing. Helpful Mature. The top five values young people seek in their friends provide an interesting blueprint for how a brand should behave in a social context i.

Young people love brands if they are useful, timely and allow them to express some element of their personality…young people tire quickly of brands which clutter up their feeds with useless and inane information. Similarly, they value brands that are worthy of their respect and demonstrate a compelling and consistent point of view.

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Friends you love to socialize with share cool things with you, have a dialogue with you, and have a style that suits their personality. Inviting a brand into your personal space requires trust, and brands should be mindful of not abusing this trust. This is the clear winner in terms of values that young people seek in their friends. Google is part of the fabric and infrastructure of their lives and is seen as the route to knowledge, to know-how, to problem-solving and ultimately they believe to truth.

From Crude Oil to Cooking: Chef Jesse Romero recounts his journey to the kitchen

Why is the truth so very important to this generation? The young people we met in Chile placed a lot of emphasis on authenticity as a motivation because, in their view, nothing is original anymore; everything nowadays is a copy of a copy of a copy. When I grow up I want to be…not famous If we give young people three wishes for their future, we see that their aspirations are actually pretty grounded.

Whilst many would assume that young people these days are a generation of attention-seeking fame obsessives…only 6. To be rich. To make the world a. To travel the world. To start my own business. To have a great sex life. To be famous To look after my family. To have lots of friends. To be more successful than my parents. But even in the ultimate celebrity cultures… McC ann. They claim to seek substance as well as style; preferring celebrities who have a strong POV. Also of interest is the proportion who named their mother and father despite being asked for famous people.

Brands of substance Just as young people nowadays seek truth and substance from their celebrities, they also seek it from the brands that populate their world. We see particular sensitivity around anything pertaining to environmentalism or corporate social responsibility. This is a generation who pride themselves on their ability to distinguish right from wrong and have a strong commitment to JUSTICE one of the top three dominant global motivations. This next chapter explores how young people are using technology to create their own version of justice and change the world along the way.

They are only doing it to make them look good. Social Justi 1. Communities across borders have harnessed social media to report, to share information and to build networks of support and encouragement. In every country around the world we see people joining groups and registering their discontent on a wide range of topics, everything from corruption in politics to freedom of speech or 2. Person human rights abuses.

In our research we heard that for some young people, social media can actually make it harder to put yourself out there. Re-imagining personal justice Personal justice is defined by young people as doing the right thing for yourself and being treated fairly in your everyday life.

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Older generations Younger generation see as wrong…. Acting before you think Ask for forgiveness not permission is a recipe for trouble 5 minutes late is 5 minutes too late- tweet now think later. Staring at a screen Looking away from a screen in company is rude is rude to your friends. Not working at work Work can be disrupted by play is a disciplinary issue and play can be disrupted by work. The more time young people spend living their lives online the more the culture of the Internet will influence their moral framework and notion of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Collaboration is hardwired. The context is global. Given their focus on truth and authenticity, youth want brands to adopt a form of justice that is a credible and b true to the brand. They want brands to do the right thing in a way that seems right for that brand.

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Anything that seems cynical or piecemeal will be quickly dismissed. What is a justice brand?

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Everyone could recount specific actions associated with these brands that had caught their attention. But when asked to choose the brands that have made the most positive difference to our lives from a list of the biggest global brands, technology brands Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook are the clear winners of the day. Young people place a huge amount of faith in these brands, believing that technology brands will solve most of the problems the world faces today, from environmental issues to food shortages.

Which is just as well given that it is these brands that transcend borders like no government can that will increasingly influence the shape of global justice, from freedom of speech to privacy and terrorism. If Apple has seen further, it is because it stood on the shoulders of Microsoft, a true technological giant of our times.

The presence of Coca Cola, Disney and Nike in the top ten demonstrates the importance of optimism and the spirit of carpe diem for this generation. Technology 1. The 2. The 3. Justice 4. Little wonder young people are obsessed with the truth when they exist in a world of curated Imagined Young people around the world are reinventing the idea of what justice is and how it works.

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All of life is here in a hospital intensive care unit, and Abbey's memoir runs the full emotional gamut. Seen through the eyes of a doctor who literally makes life or death decisions every day, this may be the latest in a sizeable wave of medical memoirs, but features a truly unforgettable cast of people.

A decent punt for anyone looking to reboot their mental, emotional and physical well-being. A multiway auction later, and Roupenian has delivered a dozen short stories in the same astute, wry vein. Many of them are sex-soaked and darkly comic, proving that the brilliant, understated 'Cat Person' was no one-off. Set in the exclusive gated community of Withered Vale, Olive Collins' dead body has been rotting inside one of the beautifully appointed houses for months.

Melbourne's Harper The Dry, Force of Nature tells a story of two brothers coming together to address the third brother's disappearance in the sun-baked vastness of cattle-ranch Australia.

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A star of crime fiction Down Under, Harper puts the unforgiving terrain of her home continent to dark and unsettling use. Journalist Cullen had already delivered a definitive account of the Columbine massacre in , and here he turns his high-powered acumen to the Parkland, Florida school shooting and the NeverAgain campaign for gun control, as run by its teenage survivors.

It's an intimate and forensic account of a tragedy that never should have happened, albeit one that kick-started a revolution. Ann Devine is an empty nester thrown suddenly into the world of the Tidy Towns committee. As a TV crew rolls into town, and under the comedian O'Regan's assured steerage, hilarity naturally ensues.

French's latest title is already eliciting praise - John Boyne has described it as 'unputdownable' - and no wonder: French is the doyenne of writing genre-bending crime thrillers. Here, the protagonist Toby has led a charmed life until a brutal attack leaves him traumatised. He returns to his family home, the Ivy House, in search of solace and sanctuary. The grim discovery of a human skull tucked inside the old wych elm in the garden soon puts paid to that. Spellbinding stuff, delivered in crackling literary prose. The release of any Morrison title is a cause for celebration, and this non-fiction collection of essays, meditations and speeches is a high-tide release of Spanning four decades, Morrison debates race, gender, globalisation, American politics and the press with the lyrical expertise and elegance for which she has been long renowned.

Hannigan's final novel is as life-affirming as you might think, celebrating as it does the joys and complexity of female friendship. Emma completed the novel, sending her acknowledgements to her editor just days before she passed away last summer. A must-read for many reasons. The multiple award-winning Dubliner returns with her first novel since , a book Colum McCann praises for its "beguiling grace and deceptive simplicity".

Nina Dobrev Reacts to Iconic Pop Culture Moments

No less a name than Reese Witherspoon is bigging up this novel about a s rock band - and it looks like it rocks. Then in June , they split up. Nobody knew why: until now. And a one, two, three, four…. Tramp co-founder Davis-Goff turns from publisher to author with her debut novel, a kind of Hibernian cross between classic dystopias such as The Road and 28 Days Later. Ireland has been decimated by an otherworldly plague called the skrake. When the woman who raised her gets infected, Orpen, raised on a small island, must embark on a perilous search for a cure.

When his girlfriend Emma stumbles on a hit-and-run victim, Reilly is drawn into a tangled murder-mystery, involving the scion of Ireland's biggest pharmaceutical company. Well-crafted and with punchy plots, McTiernan's novels have made her an international bestseller. First in a new series from O'Brien Press celebrating our heritage, Irish Aran explores the history, tradition and unique legacy of the famous knitwear. In a beautifully presented hardback, Corrigan brings an expert eye to bear on this "living tradition with a worldwide reach".

It began in the wilds of the eponymous islands, now Aran is seen as high fashion on global catwalks. Doyle's much-loved character was born in the pages of this newspaper's Weekend magazine. Now, for the first time, all the wit and wisdom - well, some wisdom - of the quintessential Dub are brought together in one compilation. Decent, funny, loyal and sometimes utterly bewildered by the modern world, Charlie muddles along as best he can… if his knees don't give out first. In Along Came Coco, she showcases her writing skills as well, in a picture book which charts Coco Chanel's amazing journey "from rule-breaking orphan to fashion icon".

And the drawings are so charming and stylish, that Coco herself would surely approve. Francis Ford Coppola's great movies not only made Puzo's book famous, it turned a literary potboiler into high cinematic art. Which is not to say that The Godfather novel - which draws together the storylines from the first two film adaptations - isn't worth reading.

It's a furiously told, hugely entertaining yarn, muscular and rollicking, with Shakespearean themes and countless legendary scenes. Channelling the warm heart and good cheer of Marian Keyes, this debut novel from O'Reilly - a teacher of English and Classical Studies in her day job - tells the very amusing story of the Augustt family. We meet the son who doesn't speak, the mother who's had a stroke, the granny who talks enough for the lot of them - and the daughter who's decided to write it all down.

Booker-shortlisted Smith delivers the third instalment in her remarkable Seasonal Quartet series of standalone but interconnected novels. After the chilly clarity of Winter, the Scot turns her piercing gaze on spring.

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  • The leaves on the trees are opening; while the dawn is still cold, there's a sense of things growing "deep in the earth". Artful, ambitious and unique, in the best possible ways. The ground-breaking Irish independent publisher picks up the unexpected success of Emilie Pine's Notes to Self and runs with it. Minor Monuments, Tramp's second work of non-fiction, is a collection of essays described as "half-memoir, half-Odyssey". Blending the tone of Sara Baume and inquiring mind of Louis Theroux, Maleney pays homage to a rural Irish way of life in danger of vanishing forever.

    London-Irish writer Kidd has won a legion of devoted fans with last year's charming offering The Hoarder, so Things in Jars is a hotly anticipated read. Here, Kidd turns her attentions to the Victorian detective novel and comes up trumps with the formidable Bridie Devine. Reeling from an assignment gone awry, Bridie is more determined than ever to crack her latest case; the kidnapping of a young child, against the murky underworld of the macabre curiosity show. Seven-year-old Hughie Mittman is having a hard year.

    Not only has he lost two toes in a lawnmower accident, he has also found out he is adopted. When he is 12, things get worse when his mother dies suddenly, leaving him alone with an indifferent father. Believing his mother's death and his father's unhappiness are his fault, Hughie is on a mission to make things right. By turns charming, textured and heartfelt, this is a perfect summer read.

    Chocolat author Harris returns with a slightly familiar, compelling tale: Vianne Rocher has settled in Lansquenet-sous-Tannes with her child Rosette, and makes her home in the small French town that rejected her years before. She runs a chocolate shop in the square and soon starts to settle into daily life, but life gets complicated once more when the local florist leaves a parcel of land to Rosette after his death, along with a damning written confession.

    Meath-born writer Kiernan delivers a taut and intriguing crime thriller. Murder convict Sean Hennessy has always professed his innocence, yet when two bodies show up in the peaceful Dublin suburb of Clontarf just weeks after his release from prison, many - including Detective Frankie Sheehan - find themselves retreading and doubting the analysis of old cases. Things ramp up a notch when the threats close in around Sheehan's own family. The author of the critically acclaimed novel The Herbalist returns with a tale of dark intrigue, re-imagining the events leading up to the Kilkenny Witch Trial of Petronelle decides to seek refuge in the home of an old friend, Alice.

    The friend gives her friend a job as a servant and advice on how to hide her old identity. It's not long before Alice's home is no longer a place of sanctuary, yet by the time she decides to flee, there's even more at stake. It's a testament to Boyce's sleight of hand that the historical tale takes on fresh resonance in the current MeToo climate.

    Irish-born migrant writer Delargy makes his debut with this delicious-sounding Western Australian thriller. A hitch-hiker is drugged and chained up in the remote Outback, only to escape and find a police station. The next day, a man walks in and tells police the exact same story, claiming he in fact is the victim. Could be fun. Known to many as the author of the bestselling novel The Party, Day also runs a hugely popular podcast, How to Fail.

    Part-memoir, part-manifesto, Day gleans on years as a celebrity journalist and writes on dating, sport, relationships and friendships, reminding us that learning how to fail is merely learning how to succeed better. Never one to pull his punches, this collection of essays and ruminations the US star's maiden non-fiction voyage from Easton Ellis promises to bring a no-nonsense tone to the perversions of the social media age as he views them. The American Psycho author is often as funny as he is scathing, so this should ruffle a few feathers. You have been warned. One of our finest crime writers returns with the 17th instalment of the popular Charlie Parker series.

    Here, the action spans continents, pinging from the forests of Maine and the canals of Amsterdam to the Mexican border. Yet again, Parker is hell-bent on avenging the world's ills. The king of the high-concept title returns, and not a moment too soon. In s London, feckless drifter Charlie falls in love with bright student Miranda. Charlie suddenly and mysteriously comes into money, and decides to buy one of the first batch of synthetic humans with it.

    With Miranda's assistance, he co-designs Adam's personality, resulting in a truly bizarre love triangle. Subversive and unforgettably written, as only McEwan knows how. Professing himself a 'Zen failure', psychiatrist Brendan Kelly decided on a taste of his own medicine and took up meditation for a year, on a quest of self-betterment.

    While he realises that finding inner peace, even in just meditating for 15 minutes a day, is as straightforward as he anticipated; the distractions were more plentiful than he bargained for. A funny and insightful book on meditation and our chase for inner contentment.

    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)
    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)
    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)
    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)
    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)
    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)
    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)
    Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1) Jesse McCann: The Journey (The McCann Family Saga Book 1)

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