The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands

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The Power of Connection with Spirit

So the story of the Angel CD continues on… Thank you. It soothes places in my heart that have long awaited for it and helps me connect to my divine essence and to realize my own inner strength. Her deep integrity and caring love are beautifully transmitted through her songs and are a gift to all of us.

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Joy is a beautiful blessing to this world and an angel that is here to help us get in touch again with what love really is. I wouldn't expect you to remember me, but your Voice is the voice of the Angels. Very Healing for Awakening Spirits of others.

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Your voice was very instrumental in Opening My Spirit more profoundly that night. So, yes, in my Eyes you are Healing through your Music. Beautiful ". I received so many gifts of healing that night from your entire talented group. News and reviews of the best mainstream and independent music. March 30, Her voice, soaring and radiant, flows like a waterfall. Her vocals alone were the hook. Community Heartshare. November 19, Winter Solstice at Unity Church.

Click here for Free Downloads. Private Sessions. Do you eagerly anticipate vacations, and feel a sudden sense of relief and bliss when you head out for a trip and leave the pressures of the everyday world behind? That is the attitude that the author of this hymn had toward the daily time of prayer. No one is quite sure how this happened, but in the early twentieth century, this African American spiritual became a drinking song sung after rugby games in England.

In , a group of school boys sang it during the last match of England against Ireland, and it quickly caught on until the whole English crowd was singing the song. In , it became the official theme song of the English rugby team, and is sung with gusto and pride today at every match. Author Frances Havergal took her own lyrics quite seriously.

How to invoke Angels for help - Inspiration Divination

William Neidlinger was best known in his time for his books of songs for young children, but this song is his only enduring work. How beloved is this hymn? This eighth-century hymn of celebration was traditionally sung at midnight on Easter in the Greek church. This carol with folk origins is one of our best-loved Christmas hymns, but despite the opening reference to the shepherds, it is all about the wise men and the star. The original Hebrew text for this hymn was written in the twelfth century by the famous Jewish philosopher, Moses Maimonides. A Wesleyan preacher in the eighteenth century brought this Jewish song into a Christianized form.

Of all the numerous paraphrases of Psalm 23, Henry Baker's is one of the most popular, and justly so. His vivid interpretation repeatedly recalls the image of Christ the Good Shepherd, wedding both Old and New Testament imagery. Both the text and tune of this hymn were based on pre-existing music, written many years before this hymn. In this beautiful adaptation of a Latin text and an Italian mass, the author and composer have given the church a beautiful Easter hymn.

Tell me truly I implore. This hymn is an excellent reminder of why music is such an important part of celebrating Christmas — the angels welcomed Jesus in song. This poignant and powerful Easter hymn has become incredibly popular over the last years and promises to remain in Easter services for centuries to come. Although this hymn is usually sung for Advent or Christmas, it really tells the story of all of Jesus' life, from His birth to His ascension.

The focus is on the contrast between Christ's divine reality and the humble way He lived on earth. Even though author Fanny Crosby was an American, this hymn was more widely known in England than in the States for many years until it was finally re-introduced to the American public in at a Billy Graham crusade. This popular gospel hymn has its origins in a testimony meeting at a Dwight L.

Moody evangelistic tour. In , Philipp Nicolai's parish was struck with a pestilence that killed people in six months. During that time, when he performed burial services daily, Nicolai began to meditate on the life to come. One of the results of his contemplation was this hymn. In comparison with England and America, small countries such as the Netherlands can become quite lost in the world of hymnody.

The tune for this hymn, however, is the most widely distributed of any Dutch hymn tune, and is recognized and loved around the world. Despite its historical inaccuracy, this hymn is one of our best-loved songs for Epiphany, because its tune and opening text give the impression of being in the Middle East. In the same way, this old spiritual allows us to come together as a people to remember our shared story, a story of suffering and of hope. The author of this hymn, Joseph Scriven, never intended for his text to be published.

As it is now one of the most-loved hymns of assurance, we can be glad that his original intention was never realized! The tune of this hymn was mentioned by Shakespeare in a number of his plays, not the least of which was The Merry Wives of Windsor , where Falstaff writes to Mrs. When Nahum Tate died, he left behind debts and his contribution along with Nicholas Brady to a well-known paraphrase of the Psalms. This Christmas hymn of his is a paraphrase of the story of the shepherds and angels from Luke 2.

This hymn was written in the face of religious persecution in England, yet its author, Charles Wesley, was still able to extol the power and glory of God. It seems odd that a hymn whose first two stanzas lists the Orthodox orders of angels and call to the Virgin Mary should still appear in Protestant hymnals over a hundred years later, but J. Athelstan Riley does a wonderful job of reminding us how vast the throng is that worships God.

Skip to main content. Dear Hymnary friend, We don't often ask for money. On behalf of the entire Hymnary. Home Page. Featured Hymns. Sing to Jesus Lying bedridden with a near fatal illness in , William C.

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  • Lord God Almighty! Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offended This hymn does such a good job reminding us why Jesus suffered that J. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name The jury is still out on exactly what verses of this powerful hymn ought to be sung, but though different traditions will probably never agree on this matter, everyone can say that this hymn of victory is a treasure to the church. Amazing grace!

    America the Beautiful This famous patriotic hymn, with its vivid images of America's land and history, was inspired by a trip the author took from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains. As We Gather at Your Table For those of us who have gone to church every Sunday for years, it is easy to forget the significance of the worship service. As with Gladness Men of Old Any popular account of the story of the Magi is likely to focus on their meeting with the Christ-child, and the gifts they presented.

    Be Thou My Vision Pirates, monks, a king, druids, and a devout priest Beneath the Cross of Jesus Elizabeth Clephane wrote this hymn near the end of her life, when the reality that she would soon leave this world gave her a perspective on what truly matters. Blessed Assurance Fanny Crosby was walking with her friend, Phoebe Palmer Knapp, one day when Phoebe sang her the chorus of a tune she had written.

    Blessed Jesus, at Thy word This hymn is about recognizing the distance between the holy perfection of God and the insincerity of human hearts, and is a request that God reach out to close the gap and bring us into His presence. Blest Be the Tie That Binds This hymn on Christian love and unity is a great reminder of the larger context in which each individual believer lives — the interdependence on each another and the hope to be reunited with our loved ones in heaven.

    Breathe on me, Breath of God This gentle yet powerful hymn invokes the breath of God to enter in and transform the lives of those who sing it. Brethren, we have met to worship This American hymn traditionally opens each session of the Southern Harmony Singing day every year in Benton, Kentucky. Children of the Heavenly Father A hymn of comfort that encourages and reaffirms Christians in their faith, no matter what they are going through.

    Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing Written by a mischief-maker turned pastor in the mid-eighteenth century, this beloved hymn speaks of the redemptive love of God for his wandering sheep. Come, Thou long expected Jesus C. Come, ye thankful people, come This hymn was written in a rural village dependent on agriculture. Comfort, comfort ye my people Though we usually sing this hymn during Advent, it was originally written for a summer day — St. Count Your Blessings This classic hymn reminds all who sing it of the good things we have been given despite moments of discouragement or difficulty.

    Eternal Father! Fairest Lord Jesus One popular myth about this hymn is that it is from the time of the Crusades. For all the Saints, who from their labor rest Did you know that the popularity of this hymn did not take off until it was paired with a tune by the great English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams? For the Fruits of His Creation This text was at the center of a tune battle in the middle of the twentieth century between an old folk tune and a new hymn tune. For the Healing of the Nations This ecumenical hymn about issues of social justice was used at the 25th anniversary celebration of the United Nations in Geneva.

    Gentle Mary Laid Her Child Have you ever wondered what significance the host of angels appearing to the shepherds at Christ's birth had beyond a mere announcement of his arrival? Go Down, Moses This African-American spiritual was the first of that genre to be published, appearing in Go, Tell It on the Mountain This well-known and often used Christmas spiritual has been recorded on over forty gospel, pop, bluegrass, and country Christmas albums, and remains a treasured Christmas hymn.

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    • Go to Dark Gethsemane James Montgomery's poetical retelling of the final days of Jesus' life puts us close to our Savior, watching and learning from His example as He fulfilled the mission for which He was born. God Moves in a Mysterious Way This hymn was written by a very depressed man, yet it continues to inspire hope in the hearts of believers. God of Grace and God of Glory Written by a controversial preacher from the early twentieth century, this hymn emphasizes the need for God's presence with His people.

      Good Christian Men, Rejoice Not all dreams are equal: the fourteenth century mystic Heinrich Suso claimed that in one of his ecstatic visions, he danced with the angels while they sang this hymn. Hail Thee, Festival Day This ancient processional hymn is derived from a sixth-century Latin poem that was handed down through the Middle Ages.

      Angels Singing In Heaven!!! Heaven Is Real!!!

      He Leadeth Me It must be a bit of a surprise to come across something you wrote years ago, now published and being sung by hundreds of people. Holy, Holy, Holy! How Can I Keep from Singing Though neither the text nor the tune are usually presented in their original form, this hymn by Robert Lowry has survived as a reminder that circumstances cannot dampen the true joy that only Christ can give. How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord While the authorship of this hymn is disputed, the power of the words is not. I Love to Tell the Story When a grandparent is a good storyteller, grandchildren love to beg for a story, even if it is one they have heard before.

      I Must Tell Jesus This hymn is a great reminder that Jesus, and Jesus alone, can help us bear the burdens of the world. Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise Have you ever been suddenly startled by a light so bright it blinds you? In the Bleak Midwinter While many Christmas hymns focus on the glorious visit of the angels or the sweet innocence of a baby, this hymn by Christina Rossetti concentrates on the reality of the Incarnation — God came from the glory of heaven to a cold-hearted world.

      In the cross of Christ I glory, Towering o'er the wrecks of time One legend about this hymn is that the author, Sir John Bowring, was inspired by a visit to the ruined cathedral on Macao Island near Hong Kong, on top of which stood a blackened cross. In the garden This widely popular gospel song has met with less than eager reception from hymnal editors due to its highly emotional language, yet it is based on an important moment in the Resurrection account of John I've Got Peace Like a River The childlike language of this spiritual connects some of the fruit of the Spirit to everyday images.

      Jesus, Joy of Our Desiring This hymn text comes from a little-known German writer, but it is famous because of a musical setting by J. Jesus, Priceless Treasure One of the best-known arrangements of this hymn is J. Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee This simple, yet powerful hymn has exalted the Savior for almost a thousand years and has been published in nearly as many hymnals. Joy to the world! Just a Closer Walk with Thee The tune for this song is well-known as a jazz number, but its lyrics are clearly a Christian prayer for God's help in life's difficulties. Kum Ba Yah Far from being the simple campfire song that it appears to be, this spiritual has quite a history, from its disputed origins to the many recordings made by singers of different genres.

      Lead on, O King Eternal In a world seemingly fraught with war and violence, it should both make us uncomfortable to sing anything with battle imagery, and also comfort us, knowing that we have the God of all power and might fighting for us against the powers of darkness. Leaning on the everlasting arms Have you ever seen a small child react to a frightening situation? Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming This hymn stems from the prophecies in Isaiah about the branch coming up from the stump of Jesse, and so you might wonder how we ended up singing about a rose. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Among all the hymnals published in the last half of the twentieth century, it would be difficult to find one hymn that is included in every single hymnal.

      Low in the Grave He Lay The refrain of this Robert Lowry hymn is a vivid, joyful depiction of the event we celebrate every Easter morning — Christ arose! More Love to Thee Elizabeth Prentiss didn't show this hymn to anyone — not even her husband — for many years after it was written, but we are glad she eventually did, for it is a wonderful prayer of devotion to Christ.

      My Shepherd Will Supply My Need Attempting to re-write or add to a text so universally well-loved as Psalm 23 can be quite the daunting challenge, but Isaac Watts did it with grace and beauty, providing us with a wonderful hymn text that captures the comfort and simplicity of the beloved psalm. Near the Cross Fanny Crosby is known for the thousands of poems she wrote during her long life, of which many are still sung as hymns.

      Nearer, My God, to Thee This hymn was a favorite of President William McKinley, who is reported to have spoken the words on his deathbed after he was shot in Nothing but the blood of Jesus This hymn about the redeeming power of Jesus's blood is one of Robert Lowry's best-known songs. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel While we all pretend to hate those Christmas gifts that come wrapped in eight boxes and three bags all stuffed inside of each other, we also love the thrill of anticipation and the laughter that ensues. This workshop is aimed at those of you who know you have a purpose, and need to connect with your guide at a deeper level;.

      We will be focusing on using this connection to receive written messages from spirit. I will be teaching automatic writing techniques for those of you who wish to write books, poems, or need detailed messages from spirit to help them pursue their spiritual journey. You will need to have experience in meditation already to join this class, as it will be an in-depth master class. The master guides will be in attendance, and i will be channeling messages from them and your guides to ensure you leave the workshop with clear guidance.

      Some of you will receive outlines for books, poetry lines, themes to follow, visions, etc. Everyone will leave the session with their own spiritual wisdom blend- which will allow them to connect more deeply on their own , when needed. This course is only a small group, as we will be working at a higher vibration level. In the Wiccan calendar, All Souls Day is the start of the new year.

      8 Bible Verses For The Sick

      It is a time to take stock of your life, and be grateful for what you have been given. We will be having a shared afternoon of blessings with our guides and loved ones in spirit. There will be spiritually guided ceremonies, and we will all create our own blessings tree to take home. A very special day, so please join us and enjoy an afternoon of spiritual gratitude. This is a pot luck event- so please bring some food to share with the group. I will be offering one on one sessions, please email or text me for an appointment.

      I am available for Skype interviews as well. We will be asking your guide to show us a life which relates to issues you may have faced in this life. This is a high impact, and often, life-changing experience. I do have testimonials, if you wish to learn more, please let me know. Mediumship Messages. These sessions will leave you energised, and sleeping well.

      There is a reduced rate for those who are suffering from cancer, or cancer treatments. Denise and I offer partner healing sessions as well- where you get the benefit from a huge surge of healing energy across your body. These are by request. Maybe you know you have a purpose, but not sure how to move forward? Spirit is waiting to help you! Lets have a guided session where we will work with your guides to help you build a business plan and be successful in a business where you are of service to others.

      All light workers have a purpose for being here, and sharing their gifts with others. Let me, my guide Gideon and your guides, help you build a vision for your future. Please contact me and let me know what you are interested in attending. I do have a large group of clients, and I like to do smaller sessions, so places are limited.

      They will be filled on a first come , first serve basis. If there is a topic you are interested in studying, please let me know. You re also more than welcome to join my meetup group- Calgary Intuitive Development Group :. The link can also be found on my website www. Thank you everyone. I am sending you love and light with this email.

      Enjoy the full moon in Pisces tonight! Spring is finally in the air!. I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the good weather that will be arriving soon! It is also a good time to clear our energy and releasing old emotions that no longer serve us well. Many of us hang on to negative thoughts and emotions, which can clog or block our energy.

      Just like we spring clean our houses, we should take time to spring clean our energy and spirit to clear out the cobwebs, and take a fresh perspective. You can do this by: - Firstly reflecting on what you need to let go through doing a short meditation, open your energy and just write down thoughts that occur to you, without any judgments.

      As these lights sprinkle over your body, touch your skin, feel them being absorbed, you can see them, taste them, so clear and fresh, just let them flow over you and clear away negativity, anger, grief, stress, anxiety. All those emotions, which do not serve you well are being replaced with joy, excitement, hope and strength. You will feel more powerful, more decisive, and ready to step forward again! Hope you enjoy it! Updates: 1. For a few lucky people we have some spaces left on this fabulous retreat!

      Peggy Lynch of Gemstars, will be joining us, so you can learn all about astrology, have a free birth chart completed, and answer any questions you may have about the planets and stars. Denise Watson, from Allegra Aromatics, will be discussing the uses of essential oils, the power of flowers and handing out beautiful gift bags of sprays and salts for all the guests.

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      I will be offering one on one intuitive coaching and reading session as well as running a couple of workshops on how to power your intuition. We will be manifesting our goals, letting go of people or emotions that do not serve us well, meditations under the stars, at the lake and doing a healing circle. All accompanied by fresh organic, healthy food! We will pick you up and drop you back to your hotel as well as provide all meals for the duration of your stay. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in me holding a place for you.

      These retreats are very popular and do tend to sell out quickly. I will be running my certified Usual Reiki Classes again. These classes are small and full of useful information on how to use energy healing for yourself or others. Reiki is incredibly powerful, and can help you mange your own energy, protect your energy, as well as provide healing for other souls. Have you always been interested in healing? Do you have hot, sometimes itchy palms? Especially when you are showing compassion to others?

      The chances are, if these describe you, you are here as a lightworker, and would benefit from being trained in energy healing. I am happy to take children onto the course as well, over the age of ten years. There are only 8 places available for each course.

      Past Stories

      Lunch is provided. The course runs from am- 4 pm on each of the two days. You will receive certificates on completion, which. At level two, means you can practice as a Reiki Healer. Annie is booked and on her way to Calgary! I will be posting the sign up for these workshops on Meetup www. This will be popular, as it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Annie and myself will run a full day workshop of connection with your guides.

      You will have an opportunity to hear her story first hand, and she will take you through the process of how she connects with Darci. As well as chatting bout her other books. The workshop will run from 10am - 4pm. Annie can sign books, and there will be further copies available for purchase.

      I will also have a small number of private one on one sessions available with Annie, if you are interested email me and I will book you in. A quick rebalance and a short meditation to detox your energy! Booking availability throughout the summer. Meetings take place at Lake Sundance Community Centre. Any questions, please reach out. I am always available on email for any questions on Spirit, loved ones who have passed over, or general questions about managing your energy. Some days we are truly tested to perform at our highest level. All of those of you who work as a medium, or with the Angels, Spirit, will understand what I mean.

      I faced such a challenge this weekend. I received an email from an old friend, which literally rocked my world. Her 21 year old son had jumped to his death. This boy I had known since he was born, as our two families shared many holidays and outings together.

      The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands
      The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands
      The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands
      The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands
      The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands
      The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands
      The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands

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