While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2)

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The work is richly informative about architecture of the sixth century CE. Columella first century CE included Cato and Varro among many sources for On Agriculture , but his personal experience was paramount. Written in prose except for the hexameters on horticulture of Book 10, the work is richly informative about country life in first century CE Italy. Every Good Man is Free. On the Contemplative Life. On the Eternity of the World.

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Apology for the Jews. Alciphron, Aelian, and Philostratus: The fictitious, highly literary Letters of Alciphron second century CE are mostly to invented characters. The Letters of Farmers by Aelian c. The Erotic Epistles of Philostratus perhaps born c. Prudentius born CE used allegory and classical Latin verse forms in service of Christianity.

But Dinarchus favored an oligarchy under Macedonian control and Demades supported the Macedonian cause too. African War and Spanish War are detailed accounts clearly by officers who had shared in the campaigns. But most recent editors attribute it to an unknown author. On Love of Wealth. On Envy and Hate. On Praising Oneself Inoffensively. On the Delays of the Divine Vengeance.

On the Sign of Socrates. Consolation to His Wife. On the Principle of Cold. On the Eating of Flesh. Callimachus Musaeus Trypanis, C. Hero and Leander by Musaeus fifth or sixth century CE is a short epic poem. On the Malice of Herodotus. Causes of Natural Phenomena. Reply to Colotes in Defence of the Other Philosophers. Is "Live Unknown" a Wise Precept? How to Write History. A Slip of the Tongue in Greeting. Apology for the "Salaried Posts in Great Houses. A Conversation with Hesiod. The Scythian or The Consul.

Dialogues of the Dead. Dialogues of the Sea-Gods. Dialogues of the Gods. Dialogues of the Courtesans. Lucius or The Ass. In Tetrabiblos , a core text in the history of astrology, the preeminent ancient astronomer Ptolemy c. From the same period come the lively fables in Latin verse written by Phaedrus , which satirize social and political life in Augustan Rome.

His writings were edited by his disciple Porphyry , who published them sometime between and CE in six sets of nine treatises each Enneads , with a biography of his master in which he also explains his editorial principles. In On the Characteristics of Animals , Aelian c. Natural Questions, Volume I: In Book 1 he discusses fires in the atmosphere; in 2, lightning and thunder; in 3, bodies of water. Selected Orations, Volume I: Libanius — CE , who was one of the last great publicists and teachers of Greek paganism, has much to tell us about the tumultuous world of the fourth century CE.

His works include Orations , the first of which is an autobiography, and Letters. Bacchylides wrote masterful choral poetry of many types. Letters to Quintus and Brutus. Two invective speeches linked with Cicero are probably anonymous exercises.

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The Letter to Octavian likely dates from the third or fourth century CE. The Handbook of Electioneering was said to be written by Quintus to Cicero. They constitute an important development from the somewhat mechanical techniques of rhetorical handbooks to more sensitive criticism of individual authors. Extant are parts of his De Viris Illustribus , including biographies of mostly Greek military commanders and of two Latin historians, Cato and Atticus. In Astronomica first century CE , the earliest extant treatise we have on astrology, Manilius provides an account of celestial phenomena and the signs of the Zodiac.

He also gives witty character sketches of persons born under particular constellations. Books 1 and 2 are concerned with generation, sprouting, flowering and fruiting, and the effects of climate. In Books 3 and 4, Theophrastus studies cultivation and agricultural methods. In Books 5 and 6, he discusses plant breeding; diseases and other causes of death; and distinctive flavours and odours. Stesichorus, Ibycus, Simonides, and Others.

Peace is a rollicking attack on war-makers. These works are an important source of mythological record. The Lesser Declamations perhaps date from the second century CE and are perhaps derived from Quintilian. The collection originally consisted of sample cases for legal training. Comments and suggestions the instructor adds to his model speeches for fictitious court cases offer insight into Roman law and education. Over forty of his plays were read in antiquity, from which nearly a thousand fragments survive.

Though attributed to Hesiod eighth or seventh century BC in antiquity, the Catalogue of Women , a presentation of legendary Greek heroes and episodes according to maternal genealogy; The Shield , a counterpoint to the Iliadic shield of Achilles; and certain poems that survive as fragments were likely not composed by Hesiod himself. Works by authors such as Philitas of Cos , Alexander of Aetolia , Hermesianax of Colophon , Euphorion of Chalcis and, especially, Parthenius of Nicaea , who composed the mythograpical Sufferings in Love , represent rich inventiveness in Hellenistic prose and poetry from the fourth to the first century BCE.

Anatomical and Minor Clinical Writings. Cast in the form of a dialogue it treats diverse topics while showcasing Virgil as master of all human knowledge, from diction to religion. Cast in the form of a dialogue, it treats diverse topics while showcasing Virgil as master of all human knowledge, from diction to religion. But the work of many other poets, including Cratinus and Eupolis , the other members, with Aristophanes, of the canonical Old Comic Triad, survives in fragments.

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Enlivening the detailed case studies are many theoretical and polemical discussions, acute social commentary, and personal reflections. The work which dates to the very end of the second century AD is amusing reading and of extraordinary value as a treasury of quotations from works now lost.

Nature of the Child. Nature of Women and Barrenness. Discourses 1 and 2. Heroicus is a vineyard conversation about the beauty, continuing powers, and worship of the Homeric heroes. Gymnasticus is the sole surviving ancient treatise on sports, which reshapes conventional ideas about the athletic body.

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Fragments of the Histories. In this volume, John T. Ramsey has freshly edited the Histories and the two pseudo-Sallustian Letters to Caesar , completing the Loeb Classical Library edition of his works. On the Constitution of the Art of Medicine. The Art of Medicine.

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A Method of Medicine to Glaucon. In the three works in this volume, On the Constitution of the Art of Medicine , The Art of Medicine , and A Method of Medicine to Glaucon , the physician, philosopher, scientist, and medical historian Galen of Pergamum covers fundamental aspects of his practice in a lucid and engaging style. Beginnings and Early Ionian Thinkers, Part 1.

Volume II of the nine-volume Loeb edition of Early Greek Philosophy presents preliminary chapters on ancient doxography, the cosmological and moral background, and includes the early Ionian thinkers Pherecydes, Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes. Early Ionian Thinkers, Part 2. Western Greek Thinkers, Part 1. Later Ionian and Athenian Thinkers, Part 1. Later Ionian and Athenian Thinkers, Part 2.

Aelius Aristides —after , among the most versatile authors of the Second Sophistic and an important figure in the transmission of Hellenism, produced speeches and lectures, declamations on historical themes, polemical works, prose hymns, and essays on a wide variety of subjects. In his treatises Hygiene , Thrasybulus , and On Exercise with a Small Ball , Galen of Pergamum addresses topics of preventive medicine, health, and wellness that continue to resonate with practices of modern doctors and physical therapists.

On Exercise with a Small Ball. A lexicon of therapeutic agents is included. Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Ars Rhetorica. The instructional treatises of Menander Rhetor and the Ars Rhetorica , deriving from the schools of rhetoric that flourished in the Greek East from the 2nd through 4th centuries AD, provide a window into the literary culture, educational practices, and social concerns of these Greeks under Roman rule, in both public and private life.

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Based on the critical edition of Malcovati, this three-volume Loeb edition of Roman Republican oratory begins with Ap. Claudius Caecus — BC and with the exceptions of Cato the Elder and Cicero includes all individuals for whom speech-making is attested and for whose speeches quotations, testimonia, or historiographic recreations survive. Join Our Mailing List: Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests. How Young Indians Are Changing the World , described the hustle, aspiration, and disenchantment she found among younger Indian citizens in the course of her research.

We got to thinking about Harvard University Press's long history publishing Latour's work.

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We're celebrating University Press Week with a speech given by Latour's long time editor Lindsay Waters when Latour won the Holberg Prize, which captures the early m …. Ion Euripides Kovacs, David Euripides c.

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While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2) While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2)
While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2) While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2)
While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2) While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2)
While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2) While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2)
While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2) While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2)
While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2) While The Church Says Amen (A Family Affair Book 2)

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