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Streaming and Download help. In an alternate universe, the apocalypse came in , or was it ? At any rate, only this banjo player and his band have survived to tell the tale. Charming Disaster. Are those chills down your spine because these songs are so spooky, or because the harmonies are so beautiful? Will Bobtown haunt you forever?

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So more Night Vale it is. Thank you all of you for keeping me company. Is there any Night Vale fan that doesn't love this? I love the audience interaction, I wish I could have been there! Naked Beast by Naked Beast. Super tough hard rock with spoken word interludes and an experimental bent featuring members of San Francisco's early punk band Crime.

Ghost / Haunted

Austin-based trio stomp out old time bar room rock n'roll cut with a dark punk sneer and country attitude. Explore music. Allyn McDowell. You could call it a "psychic rerun. Not only human spirits can haunt houses, locations or anything, for that matter. Demons can too. In fact, Houses with the strangest and most terriying hauntings are probably infested with demons.

People who have died from things going on in the houses they lived in that were haunted were more than likely murdered by a demon, either directly or by someone else who was demon-possessed. Human ghosts haunting a house can be influenced by a demon haunting the same house to kill or otherwise harm the living inhabitants. Manifestations of angels, Jesus, the Virgin Mary or a saint can also be called ghosts, but the proper term for these holy manifestations is apparition.

While there are accounts of genuine spirits throwing things about, making noises, writing on walls or what have you, most of the time a poltergeist is nothing more than a subconscious manifestation of telekinesis , or the ability to manipilate matter with mental energy alone.

This can ahppen when a person is under tremendous mental turmoil or stress. If there is no outlet for this negative buildup of mental energy, the next thing you know the lamp is flying across the living room, and smashes into the wall. This also happens when children enter puberty.

It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it scares the shit out of everyone. A skinny pale person. EA Titty-Streamer Mentionitis Flame Horizon Concentration camp They normally do not move around much, they just stand there. Other times they repeat the activity they were doing while they were alive. Another example would be during a part time job I used to have. He always stood there and look emptily in our direction. Most likely he did not realize that he is dead.

A colleague with the same ability saw him as well. We also have a cat ghost in our house. It walks inside the wall. There is a hamster ghost too, very small. They used to keep hamster in my house. Although some people say that small animals do not turn into ghosts but I guess if they are with people for long, there are thoughts remains, so they turn into ghosts.

I'm Just A Ghost | The Delines

There was one thing strange I saw once. It was 4 years ago. I was sorting out a photo with ghost inside at home, sitting beside a desk. It jumped out from under the desk, and ran away.

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I have seen UFOs many times though. They used to look at the UFO photo together. Sometimes there is sound. They came to me because they were worried about me. As a matter of fact, most of my family members have the same ability. My brother can only feel it but not seeing it. My dad has the strongest ability. Most of them look quite scary. There was a hospital although they all died of a bad disease but they ended happily.

They seem to appreciate the people who took care of them and were not suffering much in the end. The place mentioned here is actually the Small Pox Isolation Ward.


Yes, I am the type that can be easily possessed. My body feels heavy and cold, sometimes my heart hurts. Unfortunately I cannot interact with the spirit, but one of my friend can.

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  • A Place Called Home.

She used to talk to the spirits that possessed me to get rid of them for me. The spirits normally want something that is why they possess people, only someone has the ability to talk to spirits can help if that happens. Some people reborn. Some people simply disappear. Even bad people can get reborn, to be born into someone else to do good deeds. Someone who was poor and wished to be born in a rich family could have their dream come true as well.

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I do not know what I will ended up in the end, let us wait and see. It depends on the place, it has nothing to do with whether the place is abandoned or not. Some places are more likely to attract ghosts, it is a bit like a Fengshui thing. There are so many! The old well over there is really bad, full of weird ghosts. Gunkanjima is an abandoned island in the south of Japan that looks like a battleship.

It is full of huge concrete buildings and you might think it its full of ghosts. You can check my articles about Gunkanjima this is one of the most fantastic place ever! Unfortunately, no. I can feel the Memories and Feelings left there, but there was no ghosts. I have never been, but I have heard a lot about it. There is an abandoned castle, and even for people who cannot see ghosts, it is considered dangerous. I only know about Shinjuku, because I go there often. I used to work at a bar in Kabukicho, inside the bar there is a big mirror, one day when I look into the mirror a lot of faces appeared in it, they are spirits from different period of time.

It was fun for me, so i said hi and wished for more of them to appear. In the end the amount of faces in that mirror really increased as I wished. Another person in the shop can see spirits as well, and she complained that because of me, more spirits appeared and they all went onto her. It is a feeling that changes periodically. I am in a stable period at the moment. It feels a bit like an animal instinct, or an awareness, a feeling that tells you something is out there. Personally I do not like it much, because sometimes you can see them, they follow you.

Especially me because I am the type that spirits can easy get attached to. It is not a nice feeling when they are on you… My friend actually gave me a charm to keep the spirits from getting on me, and now I do not get any on me anymore. I do not like it much also because I can feel how they feel when thy die; whether they were angry or extremely sad, the way they died or the fact that some of them still have unfinished wishes. I am much better than normal people at calligraphy.

For example, you feel like the sun, strong, loud and obvious. You are also an extremely interesting person. Abandoned Hospital. Ghosts are more like youkai , they can only appear at one place, because they are born from that place so they are linked and trapped there. Spirits, on the other hand, do not belong anywhere. I do not think so. It is after all a very rare ability.

'Spectre Detectors' claim they've snapped a ghost in Edinburgh's Mary King's Close - do you see it?

But similar to the law of attraction, because I can see ghosts, I naturally have many friends around who have the same ability. Sometimes my friends and I gather and exchange information about what to do in certain situation, but it is not any organization, just private. We share the visions we have and discuss what to do under certain circumstances. It is possible. And once they got possessed, although they cannot see it, they can feel it. Some people feels cold and heavy as I do. Some people cannot feel it directly but their luck will go bad.

For people who cannot see ghosts, ghosts do not bother much either normally.

You See I Am No Ghost You See I Am No Ghost
You See I Am No Ghost You See I Am No Ghost
You See I Am No Ghost You See I Am No Ghost
You See I Am No Ghost You See I Am No Ghost
You See I Am No Ghost You See I Am No Ghost
You See I Am No Ghost You See I Am No Ghost
You See I Am No Ghost You See I Am No Ghost

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